June 11, 2007

Loopy Lama

Thousands of lemming-like Melbournian’s have turned out to be in the presence of the loopy Lama, and to hear his arcane mumblings such as:
"We are selfish, but with the help of our intelligence we can be wise-selfish instead of foolish-selfish."
“If a human has no hope of recovery and is in a coma, it can be very expensive, and the rest of their family can suffer immensely,” he said, seemingly giving a nod, a wink, and a giggle, to human euthanasia.
No such luck for animals though, as sick pets must never be put down:
“The suffering of the animal is due to pervious karma. They have to experience their suffering so they can live out their karma.”
To sum up: it’s okay to put down your relatives, but not your pets. Animals have to live out their karma, but people don’t.


  1. Anonymous2:50 PM

    After an energetic, if not frenetic, weekend-long attempt to alco-nase myself, I beleive that the Lama is correct.

    Surely someone might have put me down this morning out of kindness?

    Ho hum. Back to the Rectory lawn, recliner and sunshine. Time to contemplate what to toss together for dinner. Rectory crumbed schnitzel with greens, crispy fried chips and a be...er, bee....glass of water.

  2. Anonymous5:08 PM

    Silly Lama Caz!( I'm serious about that) Perhaps he'd just had a cone!

    Your mention of lemming - like Melbournians reminded me of an old Gary Larson cartoon.

    The caption is:

    Lemmings on Vacation.

    Inside a car are mum and dad Lemming along with their four little lemmings..

    Dad turns around and snaps:

    Hey! I TOLD you kids to knock it off back there!.. Or so help me I'll just take this car and drive it off the first cliff I come too!

    Well Mike, I'm roasting a nice leg of Pork this evening..
    A few glasses of chardonnay should go down a treat too!

  3. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Actually I may break out the champagne.. Collingwood went down to Melbourne by 13 points..


  4. Father, me thinks you could be the 15th Lama.

    Would that make you Park Lama, or Dalai Park, or Father Dalai Park Lama?

    Whatever, I see a new and ever more hedonistic career in store for you, and you’re pretty good at hours of inane grinning already, so you have a jump start on other candidates.

    Roast pork Kath? Oooh, yum. On a cold night like this, that would go down very nicely.

    Yes, a loss for Collingwood is like a win for everyone. :-D

  5. Ah, Collingwood lost, did they? To Melbourne as well?

    Must remember not to point my finger at my flatmate and laugh. He might get offended.

  6. Anonymous10:05 PM

    Oh a plain old Park Lama for sure.

    Nuttin' high faluttin' here.

    Nice life: travel the world, grin and say not altogether sensible things.

    I do that now....minus the world travel bit.

  7. Anonymous11:20 AM

    Caz! You DO KNOW what special anniversary occurs this Friday don't you?
    Expecting a big one from you mate!

  8. Or if might be *leeettle* Kath, as befitting a one year old.

    Of course, last week's Duck Friday was such a bust I can only go up from there, right? RIGHT?

  9. As I've noted before somewhere, the Lama is a lunkhead.

    One year for the ducks, eh Caz? This one better be a super-duper spec-quack-ular edition.

    Not to put any pressure on you, dear.

  10. Yeah, yeah: "no pressure".

    Is it possible to choke when trying to post a Duck Friday?

  11. Anonymous1:53 PM

    " Is it possible to choke when trying to post a Duck Friday?"

    I certainly bloody hope not!!

    I want my anniversary duck, ya hear Caz?

    No ducking and weaving( or choking) now eh?

  12. Weaving?

    Did someone mention weaving?

    Hmmm, a long weaving stint is looking mighty attractive right now.

  13. What is the sound of one neuron discharging its electrical impulse in an empty skull?