June 18, 2007

Little Aussie moths eat California

"As a caterpillar, the moth feeds on flowers, fruits and firs, a diet that can include corn and tomatoes for dinner and cherries, peaches and plums for dessert. So omnivorous is the moth that some entomologists call it the “light brown everything moth.” It is exactly that appetite that has state and federal officials in California worried. A native of Australia, the moth had never been seen in the continental United States before February.

The moth has since been found in nine California counties, including Napa, where the discovery of a single specimen set off alarm bells for winemakers and farmers up and down the grape-happy region.

Officials also fret that California may be just the port of entry for the moth.

Officials say they do not know how the moth got here, but that it may have come via a host plant brought by a homesick immigrant. “California is a popular place, and people come and bring their favorite plant along”
And that folks is why countries have border protection!

This has been a community service announcement.

New York Times - Tiny but hungry ...

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  1. Anonymous10:10 PM

    Caterpillars are hardy critters Caz.
    Being the hot chilli-a -holic that I am, I have often encountered
    live caterpillars in half eaten chillies..