June 1, 2007

Duck Friday


  1. Anonymous8:35 AM

    At least he has a leg to stand on Caz!

    With the week I've had, I'm sure I'm gonna end up leggless tonight..

    And..... It is Friday after all!

    Guess what Caz?
    I was taking my daughter to gymnastics the other night and I saw a car bearing the number plate,

    CKH 1..

    Hey! But I already knew you were number one mate!

  2. Aaaawwww - Kath, I can't believe someone on the other side of the county has my number plate!

    At least it's nice to know it exists. That's pretty cool.

    Bad week Kath?

    Hope you can kick back tonight and on the weekend.

  3. .... country ....

  4. Anonymous11:24 AM

    Might that be a Vietnamese duck? The poor bugger landed on an anti personnel mine?

  5. Anonymous11:38 AM

    County! Think you've been hanging around Drunka for too long Caz..Lol

    Bad week?. Dead right mate.

    First the breadmaker packs it in.(again)So have to take it in to be repaired.

    Then the cat loses his voice.
    He's normally a very talkative little fella.
    Had to take him to the vet. Turns out he has an upper respiratory infection and has to have antibiotics. Cost $110.00 for visit and meds *sigh*

    And to top it all off the little guy had a meltdown at school in the playground,(he's autistic as you know) and bit some poor kid who just happened to be passing by... That about tops it off I reckon..

    On a lighter note, going to see Pink tomorrow night, so yeah, should be a good one..

    Hope you have a good and relaxing weekend too, CKH 1!

  6. Anonymous8:19 PM

    Caz ! I have a conundrum for you.

    If a duck only has one leg, would it swim in circles?

  7. Caz, answer father park. What's with the armor plating on the duck?

    (Sorry to hear about your week, Kathy.)

  8. What do you think this is Drunka, some kind of educational blog?


    Damn it man, I pride myself on imparting negative knowledge.

    If people leave here with a sense of having fewer synapses firing than when they arrived, and knowing just a leedle bit less than they did when they woke up this morning, then my mission, which I have chosen to accept, has been successful.

    If they leave here scratching their heads and dandruff covers their dark-jacketed shoulders for the rest of the day, embarrassingly unbeknown to them, that's a bonus.

  9. I hope Ginger is getting his voice back Kath, and that Pink was in fine voice for your appreciation.

    Have to say that of the girly crop, she is the only one I really like, notwithstanding her silliness over our sheep.

    She has a great voice, writes good songs, and she's fiesty, with a real personality. No plastic fantastic blonde, that's for sure.

    Love her video for "Who Knew".

    Hope you had a fab night at the concert. A well deserved outing too.

    And Kath, I reckon if the duck survived the anti personnel mine, he'd be pleased as punch to be swimming around in circles, still with a fine whistle too, since he is a whistling duck.

    Father - I ask no questions about where they came from, or what they've done, I just take 'em in and give 'em a good home.

  10. This is one handsome one legged duck. I'm sorry I missed his debut.

  11. Anonymous2:48 PM

    The concert was AWESOME!!!!!

    Pink was fuckin' fantastic!

    Great singer, great entertainer. Very passionate and sincere.

    She noticed a little girl in the audience who was, maybe, four years old, and commented on how cute she was " I could eat you, you're so cute!" she said.

    And what an acrobat!

    Twirling around on a pink ribbon,turning herself inside out at about 50km an hour, from a height of about 10 metres....

    She is not as tall as I thought.(160cm)Super fit though, with unbelievable stamina!
    Also sporting a few new tats I notice.

    Incredibly beautiful too.!

    We were only 7 or 8 metres away, and I can tell you that television doesn't do her justice..

    Alix couldn't believe her eyes.
    She'd never been to a concert before, and was so enthralled.

    She wanted to go back again the next night!! Lol.