May 23, 2007

Register your rehab issues with Qantas before boarding

Before you next fly Qantas you might want to mention to them your most recent reasons for being in rehab, so they can note it down when you book your flight.

The local paper is feigning outrage, either because Qantas flight attendants didn’t recognize Keith Urban and/or because Qantas flight attendants aren’t intimately familiar with the personal iss-th-ues of their passengers.

Urban (singer in his own right, and husband of “our Nicole”) was given a bottle of red wine as he alighted from a recent Qantas flight, which might be seen as an insensitive gesture given his recent stint in rehab for his drinking / drug (?) problems, but only if you're a total goose.

Just because someone gives you an unopened bottle of wine doesn’t mean you have to drink it. Surely Urban has a friend he could have given it do, or one of his roadies, if he has no friends?

I'm assuming that Urban did accept the gift, graciously, rather than bursting into tears or yelling at the flight attendant for being painfully insensitive - but we don't know, because the report avoids saying anything.

Wasn’t there anything more important happening in the world today, to fill that small newspaper space, other than some guy being given a free bottle of wine by Qantas?

Our journalists / editors need to get a grip.

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