April 6, 2007

PETA Kills Animals

Commentary and extracts from the trial of PETA staff, who kill animals minutes after collection them, claiming they are "sedating" them for the drive.

These people truly disgust me.

Did you know some of the animals PETA kills have names? Neither did we. But pictures of Dalmatians named Toby and Annie tugged at jurors' heartstrings today. The defendants described animals they were about to kill as "adorable," "perfect," and "pregnant." And guess what? PETA isn't licensed to dispense its preferred lethal-injection drug in North Carolina.

"They came to the shelter to take all the dogs that were not being quarantined or on hold for any reason and take them back to Virginia … My understanding was that if it's an animal that's good or adoptable, you try to find homes for them … especially the two Dalmatians that were running around. And I asked her [Hinkle] if she thinks that those two dogs were adoptable. And she said yes, you know, she thought that they shouldn't have a problem at all finding homes for those Dalmatians."

Ahoskie, NC newspaper editor Cal Bryant reported this morning (in the Roanoke-Chowan News-Herald) that unnamed "PETA officials attending the trial" now acknowledge Hinkle killed animals from Anderson's shelter -- including those two Dalmatians -- while the PETA van was still in the parking lot. Presumably, this was just minutes after Hinkle assured Anderson that the dogs were adoptable. Jurors may never hear this disturbing detail, but coffee shops in Ahoskie are buzzing about it.

Anderson was optimistic that PETA would give these animals (and all the others that eventually turned up dead) a good-faith effort at adoption. He even handed over his own dog to Hinkle -- a spirited terrier that he and his wife had trouble housebreaking:

Each line on the log has a space to record an animal's breed, sex, age, and condition. Here are just a few of the actual examples read into evidence, as Hinkle and Cook described them:

Breed: Beagle
Sex: Female
Age: 6 months
Condition: Adorable

Breed: Schnauzer
Sex: Male
Age: Born
Condition: Perfect

Breed: DSH [Domestic Shorthair cat]
Sex: Female
Age: 7 years
Condition: Pregnant

Question: If these defendants weren't PETA employees, who do you think would be outside the courthouse protesting? Yep. PETA employees.

On cross-examination, defense attorneys tried to get Anderson to concede that he knew his shelter's animals would all be euthanized after PETA picked them up. After 15 minutes of badgering, the animal control officer finally answered "yes" when he was asked if he ever "saw PETA employees injecting animals."

But this was quickly put into context by prosecutor Valerie Asbell during her "re-direct" questions:

Asbell: When you'd see PETA employees inject an animal, what were you told they were doing?

Anderson: Sedating the animals for the ride.

Asbell: And did you ask them, when you saw them inject an animal, what they were doing?

Anderson: Yes.

Asbell: And what did they tell you?

Anderson: That's what they were doing.

Asbell: Which was what?

Anderson: Sedating the animals for the ride, to take back to Virginia.

Asbell: Did anyone, including Ms. Hinkle, ever tell you that they were killing the animals by injecting them at the shelter?

Anderson: No.

Reise produced a DEA Certificate of Non-Registration (in his words) "certifying that there is no registration in North Carolina for PETA to handle, in any capacity, controlled substances" -- meaning that PETA may not legally "administer, nor handle, procure, manufacture, or distribute controlled substances as a practitioner, retail pharmacy, animal shelter, distributor, researcher, medical lab, importer, exporter, and/or manufacturer in North Carolina."

Transcript from day 4 of the trial.


  1. Anonymous9:15 PM

    Fuckin' Hypocrital Bastards Caz!

    Someone oughta have a word in Pink's ear I reckon!

  2. A lot of pink ears that I'd like to have a word in about PETA Kath.

    For a start, all those fancy-dancy fashion labels who stopped buying Australian wool because they bought into PETAs blackmail campaigning. Bloody cowards.

  3. Anonymous8:11 AM

    Hey Caz, dear old Jay is missing you over at Harry's.

    He thinks there should be more female input on Harry's " blob "(sic)

    Apparently I'm just too nice!(sigh)

    You however pack a real punch ole mate.

    He's sounding a tad maudlin our Jay.
    Pay a visit and put him out of his misery eh?

  4. I love animals, yet I'm a conservative republican. How is that possible? Easy. I use common sense. The PETA people are crazy loons...is that redundant? OK, they just crazy!!!! Don't base any legislation on their nutjob views.

  5. I was just going to leave it at "Fuckin' bastards," but that "hypocritical" Kathy throws in works better.

  6. People who aren't kindly toward animals are in a class of their own Cube, their political persuasions are an irrelevance to that which speaks of their character and morality.

    One can be a GOP conservative and still love all creatures great and small. :-D

  7. My only comment is: "What can you expect from an organisation that is happy to accept a drug-taking whore as a spokesperson?" (Pamela Anderson).

    Maybe PETA should inject a few of their members with their "sedatives".

    Of course, I look out for animals all the time and I strongly recommend that if you wish to donate money to a truly good cause. Pick one of the smaller shelters that do everything on a voluntary basis with minimal budgets and a genuine agenda of finding good homes for the animals.

    In Australia, the RSPCA has always been a good cause.