April 2, 2007

Hilary is cashed up

Hilary Clinton has a frightening amount of support in the US, far more than all of commentary on her divisiveness (and bad Southern accent imitation) would tend to suggest.

Hillary Clinton smashed fundraising records and stashed a staggering $US36 million ($A44.7 million) into her 2008 campaign war chest today, in a daunting challenge to her rivals for the White House.

The funds were raised from 50,000 donors across 50 states.

Still, it’s premature to read much of anything into this. The Obama campaign people have not released the dollar value of their fundraising, but said their candidate had taken 108,095 donations from more than 85,000 people.

No figures yet from the Republican side of the fence.

Whatever the case, Hilary is one happy chicky-babe. Guess we’ll have to wait for the other figures before we see if her smirk stays in place.

Meanwhile, Federal politician, really rich guy, and former lawyer Malcolm Turnbull claims to have no understanding of why David Hicks's lawyers did not push for a plea bargain earlier.

Obviously Turnbull hasn’t been paying attention over the last five years, not least of which over the fact that there hasn’t been a settled legal structure under which Hicks could be tried or plead. He could have pleaded his little heart out, with or without the help of his legal team, but in order to do so, he would, I assume, have had to lay charges against himself. I have no idea how you go about a plea bargain if no court exits and no charges have been laid. It tends to create a little bit of a blocker for pleading-type activities. Minister (and former lawyer) Turnbull prefers to go the sleaze route by implying sleazy motives:

"I've always wondered whether his failure to get a deal done and the apparent lack of interest to get a deal done, I've often wondered what their motivations were there."

Sure Mal, he was waiting for an election year, he really liked the accommodation and the food, and he didn’t want to get a haircut. That would be my best guess.


  1. Hitlery rolled $10 million of her total from her Senate campaign so that means she's really earned $16m for 2008. Looks to me like she's closer to Obama & Edwards than the liberal press is willing to admit.

    There's also the fear factor that the Clintoons inspire in normal people.

    Some people will give them money because they're afraid of the repercussions of not giving their support, but in the privacy of
    the voting booth, they'll vote
    against Shrillery.

    Some loony lefties & the press might be carrying her water, but many Americans despise Billary & won't vote the grifter couple back into the white house.

  2. Anonymous3:30 AM

    Perhaps she can use the money to purchase some charisma.

  3. Sure, Hillary's raising a heck of a lot of money. However, she's got a very strong competitor in Obama. Remember what happened to Bush in 2000? He amassed an enormous war chest but was forced to spend the vast bulk of it seeing off McCain in the primaries, which didn't leave a lot to throw at Gore in the main game. It's not unlikely Hillary will suffer a similar fate - although, unlike Bush in 2000, I suspect she won't win.

  4. Interesting point Cube, but, ooooh, the media are making a gushing-fuss about the donations, even though more people - 35,000 more - have donated to Obama. Have not read anything of the GOP candidates yet.

    The fear that the Clintoons "inspire in moral people". Tee hee, that's awful. Do they really? Gosh, I hope that's not really the reason people are donating to her fund!

    Beasty - you're dreaming. Poor Hilary is an odd character, all the charisma and warmth of fozen cod.

    Good point James (how's the packing going?) - didn't know that about Bush's last campaign. She may need to spend the entire bucket to fight off the other Dems, too right, and if she does win in the primaries (alas, quite possible ...) there may not be the necessary $$$oooph for the main game. I love the American system, so much more confusing and diabolical than ours! :-D

  5. I think I wrote, "the fear the clintoons inspire in normal people", but upon retrospection, I think moral people is way better. Thanks.

    BTW don't believe what the liberally biased press is pushing. If they have to push it, most likely it's not true.

  6. Cube - I notice that Obama, with a "weaker" and smaller support base has matched Hitlery's bucket of money without any trouble.

    Gave me a small snirtle to think of the smirk being wiped off Hil's face.

    It's going to be an interesting race of on the Dem's side.

    What of the GOP, hey? They don't seem to have anyone exciting in the line up?

  7. I knew the press was building up the Hildebeast's war chest just by the way they were reporting it.

    I also get much satisfaction from thinking about the rage that Obama's money surge is causing in the Clintoon house. Hee hee.

    As far as the GOP goes, Fred Thompson is my favorite conservative, but he hasn't announced that he's even running.

    Although he is socially liberal,
    Giuliani shows the most promise because he has the most electability. That's the key for me. The left has gone so loony that it must not be allowed to run
    American foreign policy.

  8. Sounds like Fred is leaving it a bit late if he has any thoughts about running Cube.

    Giuliani is an interesting prospect, not least because I don't think anyone has gone from being a Mayor to being a President, but I'm no expert on American political history.

    I know he's popular, but I have a feeling that the "transition" is too big a one for him to get enough support in the electorate. That could change, of course. It's a stretch though.

  9. If she succeeds and goes back to the White House,

    I wonder IF she will take that dog back to the verandah he's so hard to keep on.
    I think she is canny enough to know he would upstage her Presidency ... and after she is the first woman President elected in November may be the first President to 'separate' in december.

  10. "and after she is the first woman President elected in November may be the first President to 'separate' in december.

    Oh, that's a great line.

    If she gets elected, your witty prediction could be right too.

    So much time on his hands, so many interns ...