April 16, 2007

He must be so proud

A bit of a kafuffle over blogging etiquette lately, and whether or not “rules” of behavior should be introduced – with, for example, a little logo that complying bloggers could put up to flag to the world their compliant nature.

I keep meaning to write something about all of this … I might even get around to it some day.

In the meantime, I can’t get past some guy called O’Reilly, who keeps getting quoted in pretty much every article about the mooted blogging code of behavior.

His only claim to fame, until now, seems to be – and I only know this because all of the articles keep mentioning it – that he “coined” the term “Web 2.0”.

Which, allegedly, “describes the booming world of citizen media”.

Imagine waking up one morning and putting “web” and the number “2” together.

Then announcing it to ... the neighbors cat.

I’m dazzled by his intellect.

I think I’m suffering all kinds of envy.

I think I’ve never seen or heard anyone use “Web 2.0” to describe bloody anything.

[Just in case you don't believe me it's mentioned in this article ... ]


  1. Anonymous11:06 PM

    I coined the phrase "Bottom of the Harbour" in the early eighties to describe the probable fate of many companies whose revenue legal status could best be described as controversial.

    I coined the phrases "The Smell Test" and "The Nose Test" at a Taxation Institute conference at Leura in 1982 to describe the best known method of distinguishing between legitimate corporate financial structuring that may have taxation implications and taxation driven planning and scheming that could fairly attract the attention of the authorities.

    I coined the phrase "the structuring of the group's affairs so that it can most efficiently comply with its revenue law responsibilities".

    I coined the terms "Wet Slutzkin" and "Dry Slutzkin".

    And do you think I have ever had so much as a word of acknowledgement, let alone credit?


  2. It could be worse... you could've been the guy who coined the term "weblog". He never made a dime & he looks like a homeless dude. Yikes!

    I really don't have any trouble on The BLOG to warrant any conduct modification. Maybe if I ever get some real traffic ;-)

  3. "I coined the terms "Wet Slutzkin" and "Dry Slutzkin".

    Okay Geoff, okay, you win hands-down. No contest.

    No one, no one, has previously owned up to coining those terms.

    I'm thinking your place in history is secure now, and we proudly and officially record your coinage here.

    Take a bow.

    Your certificate of acknowledgement is in the mail.

  4. Yeah Cube - oh for enough traffic to be receiving abusive and vile comments!

    I think I've deleted about half a dozen comments in two years, maybe as many as eight? Purely because the commenters were being fuck-tards.

    I didn't post any explanation, justification, or even make a note that I had deleted anything. It's my blog, I can delete whatever I want. Never apologise, never explain.

    There were a few other comments that I removed from a thread, to protect the guilty, and the innocent.

    But that's about it.

  5. Anonymous9:46 PM

    Yeah, I was always particularly proud of the Slutzkin twins.

  6. As you should be Goeff.

    I'd like to see the twins names on brass plates, perhaps hung on a government building, or a nice pub.

    With your coinage credit in cursive script at the bottom.

  7. Geoff, I am totally impressed.

  8. caz: Funny we should be talking about this. On 4/17/07 I received over 10,000 hits after posting about "Ismail Ax". Seriously. Most of them were from anonymous posters, some were mean, but not all were incoherent.

    It was quite a strange day.

  9. Wow Cube, that's staggering!

    I'm busy & tired of late, so don't get the time to be as attentive to blogging as I would like, so I haven't seen your post / comments in last few days. I'll have to make sure to drop by later.

    Amazing number of hits.

    No one will ever figure out what he was intending / trying to convey with those words though.