April 11, 2007

Girly Theme Park

Mildly strange, but true:

Chinanews, Chongqing, April 5 - Chongqing is planning to build the first "Women Town" in its Shuangqiao District, which used to be famous for producing heavy-duty trucks. The town will be set up in Xinmin Village of the district, where most men have gone to other places to make money, with their wives waiting for them at home.

"The town will be a new tourist resort, but has very little to do with feminist movement," said Li Jigang, the director of Shuangqiao District Tourism Division.

It is said that a poster bearing the inscription "Women are never wrong, and a gentleman should never turn down a lady" will be put on the entrance to the town."

The Women Town will be a supplement to the Dazu Rock Carvings 26 km away, for tourists to relax and enjoy sweet games," said Tong Jiuying, the future mayor of the Women Town.

In theory (?), in "Women's Town," men will have to obey their wives or girlfriends' orders, satisfy their every demand. If not, they can expect punishment without mercy.

That sounds a tad harsh.

The recreational theme park will actually be modeled after a town completely run by women depicted in one of China's four literary masterpieces, The Monkey King.

Who knows, it might be more fun that visiting people dressed up as rodents.


  1. Anonymous10:16 PM

    Yes, well , Caz!

    I agree with the maxim." A gentleman should never turn a lady down."

    And I might add.. Do so at your ownn peril.. LOl!

  2. O/T - no Cube, Mitt never told me that his real name is Willard.

    Drunka - "sweet games" - sounds like a euphamism for some new and especially nasty torture, doesn't it?

    Indeed Kath, a gentleman never should!

  3. Caz, don't feel bad. Mitt likes to keep that little factoid under wraps.