April 6, 2007

Duck Friday

Happy Easter Everyone!

Stumpy, a four-legged duckling at Warrawee Duck Farm, in Hampshire, England has a rare mutation which has left the bird with two legs behind the usual two. The above baby picture or Stumpy was taken in February.

And Stumpy now, still going strong. Story here ...


  1. Thanks for the Stumpy tip-off Kath.

  2. Aw, poor Stumpy :-(

  3. Anonymous8:45 AM

    Just love your Easter Ducky Caz!

    Hope he brings you lots of choccy eggs.

    And, you have a nice Easter break too!

  4. Anonymous2:15 PM

    As an Easter post, I personally think the whole thing is just disturbing.

    ...in a cute sort of way, of course!

  5. Baby Jesus would have befriended our Stumpy duck Mrs Drunka!


  6. Anonymous2:19 PM

    And now I realize that my comment makes it sound like I'm an Easter post. An Easter post who thinks she's the police of Duck Friday good taste. Now that's disturbing.

  7. I know it's a day late for my OZ friends, but I posted a photo of a kitty being very good around a duck. It is, Good Friday, after all ;-)

    Happy Easter to my down under blog friends.

  8. adorable! what a great idea for a blog post.