March 19, 2007

The ugliest handbag in the world

The world's ugliest ever handbag, at $45,000 (that's each, not a container load) has already sold out. Thankfully only a couple of dozen were made. To state what should be obvious, the bags were made from left over scraps. That the scraps were left over from the most popular past Louis Vuitton bags, hence the name "Tribute Patchwork Bag", does not make this bag any more attractive. Can anyone - anyone out there - identify bits of past Louis Vuitton bags in this pile of garbage? To be fair to Vuitton, with all the hideous women's handbags in the world, creating the single fugliest bag is an achievement, of sorts. They've set the bar high. And they did make use of left overs, even if they didnt' feed any starving children.


  1. Oh yes Mum that is one fucking ugly bag!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous10:43 PM

    I'll second that Chazz..

    Am lost for words really..

    Which is sooo unlike me!


    Now THAT IS fuckin' ugly !

    And believe you me , I've seen a few fuckin' ugly bags in my lifetime ! ( Kath snirtles)

  3. I also believe that is US dollars, not Oz dollars.