February 17, 2007

We're Famous

Prime Minister, John Howard .... um, oops, would you believe Finance Minister Senator Minchin ... talking about gerbil worming:
"We get attacked for this, but scepticism is one of the all-time great Australian attributes. It is one of the tings Australians are famous for."
Err, okay, if you say so.


  1. Anonymous10:39 PM

    Well blimey, I just did a post quoting Nick Minchin yabbering practically the very same line. Is this some sort of concerted spin-fest from these monkeys?

    Where did you take your quote from, Caz?

  2. Mine was from smack-bang on the front page of today's Age Jacob.

    Can't miss it, it was the lead story.

  3. Good thing you dropped by Jacob.

    Saved my bacon.

    Now I only need be a leetle bit embarrassed. :-D

  4. No worries, Caz, you were obviously led astray by the patchy narrative of that poorly written article.

  5. By the way, you're dead right - new Blogger SUCKS!!!!! I wish I'd never changed over.

  6. I resisted James, for a very long time, and on the sound advice of Jacob, who had already crossed over to the dark side, so knew what he was talking about.

    At first I did try to do the right thing, as Blogger kept urging me to cross over. Thing is, Blogger didn’t like my Google logon, even though it was years old, that is, it was real and correct, but new Blogger just acted like it was a pretend Google account. So, I couldn’t cross over, and gave up.

    Increasingly, since they ended their beta testing, Blogger has been insistently tricky and pushy, with deceptive little threats and changed screens coming up when logging in – all, in various ways, urging the user to cross over.

    Finally, early one morning, the tricky little screen was a different tricky little screen, and no matter what I did, I couldn’t get the normal screen to appear – the one that gives you the option of old or new blogger logon.

    I was stuck with the “one way street to hell” logon screen. It wasn’t going to let me get into old blogger. It insisted that my time had arrived, and crossing over was no longer an option. I had no choice but to click the “continue” button and pray that when it was all over, my blog would still exist. Well, several minutes later, the move was done; I could access my blog again. Subsequently, I get the normal options on the logon screen. Tricky little assholes aren’t they.

  7. I didn't have a choice. I was assimilated to the new BLOGGER without my consent... resistance was futile.

  8. Off topic: I love your PM's bitch slapping of Osama Obama a.k.a. Obama bin Laden's idiotic statement of "wasting our troops in Iraq". Your PM is a keeper!

  9. Cube - I'd take a guess that Kath doesn't have the time or urge to have her own blog. I can understand that. I often think I should have stayed a participant, rather than an initiator. Kath does have her hands full with her household. Perhaps she’ll jump in some day, ‘ey?

  10. Kath - driving: a confluence of non-events, I expect, that is, no one ever suggested I learn, no one ever offered to teach me, and for some reason it never occurred to me when I reached driving age. So, partly opportunity / encouragement, and partly, lack of thought on my part - perhaps deeply subconsciously put-off by a couple of car accidents and being hit by a car - but that's a bit too lame a reason.

    Do tend to think that I may have left it too late, that is, I'm accustomed to NOT having to pay attention, and wonder if I would be too air-headed to start taking notice of the things you should when driving. Also, time and opportunity is a major problem now. Hell, I bought road rules book two years ago now and STILL haven't studied it properly!!

    Hmmm. I should at least try and get my learner's, what do you think?

    The Princess is looking set to have her licence before this year is done. I'm very proud. :-D

  11. Another shitfull aspect of New Blogger is that they've made it problematic to 'abandon ship'. If you try to import your Blogger blog to, say, a Freewebs site, you just get a typically unhelpful error message.

    Is Google trying to stampede users to one of their premium products?

  12. That's the thing Jacob: Google don't have a paid blog product. It's not their business model. Everything they have is free. They don't make their money by selling product.

    I'd like to move over to Typepad, some day, and maybe get a web page, but, it all takes time and effort, and it's never the highest priority. But, some day, some day, I'm gunna make a run for it!

  13. Cube - I think you'll find that our Johnny didn't have anything to say about that particular Obama quote. Our PM jumped in some days prior to those words being spoken.

    Howard is likely to be out by the end of the year, based on current state of play, at least. He's going to down in an ugly way, too, if he keeps up current performance. He's not looking like a stayer. His time is up.

  14. You're right of course.

    Oh look, on the plus side the NEW blog manager seems to load/publish/etc. noticeably faster than the old.

    If they could just iron out the buggy aspects re login etc., it could be a goer.

    'Til then it's a dog ... no, that's unkind to dogs...

    Johnny's "time is up"??? Hahaha

    C'mon Caz, how many times have we heard that?

    Okay, eventually such a prediction will hit the mark ... but let's wait and see.

    'Course you've often been preternaturally right before, Caz...

  15. Definitely faster Jacob, but that's all we get for the pain. You can add tags now, but that seems to be the only obvious new functionality. Whoopee!

    Howard has pulled a rabbit out of the hat before, even surprising himself, no doubt. But there is only, let's say, at the most, 9 mths before the Fed election. Howard has lost the plot, and Rudd is doing a very smooth mini-me job. People have taken a shine to that. They can have a new Howard, without the Howard baggage. How comforting and reassuring is that, 'ey? Alas, the voters are not looking at policy. I rather dread what the ALP will do to the country. Gillard is useless. Rudd is smooth as a babies bum. Still, the burner is the election campaign itself. Last time around the ALP burned up in the atmosphere, their campaigning and policies were a disaster. So, in all, it's the six weeks before the election that will matter, nothing now.

    You know I've never been able to defend Howard's inability to think of something to do in his own retirement - that's HIS fucking problem! Janette might like her overseas trips, but it's not a benefit to the party or the country. Howards mistake was not handing over the leadership, and now it's too late. The incumbent always gets better poll results than the wanna-bees. What was Rudd's polling before Beazley stepped down - about 35%? It was decent showing, but nothing to get excited about. Now he has 60% approval, after only a couple of months, coupled with only 15% disapproval Same thing could have happened for Costello, or whoever the Libs gave the leadership to.

    As I've always said: everyone is replaceable. Howard's ego and hubris will destroy the Libs. Simple as that. We are the one's who will pay for that though, not Howard. He only gets to lose one election, we will have to live with the consequences.

  16. You know Jacob, it will be an even bigger mess if the ALP win the next election, but don't claw back the Senate. Wouldn't be the first time.

    Close your eyes and imagine: Rudd and Gillard running the country, a Liberal party eating each other alive over who to blame for their loss (and they won't, blame the obvious man!),and the Senate with a Lib majority. Oh dear, oh deary me.

  17. Hmmm, alternatively a returned Howard (soon to be Costello) Govt could likely lose the Senate and it'd be back to the future ... or forward to the past ... or something.

    Perhaps a restoration of an army of "frank & fearless" Sir Humphrey Applebies might be required to run the country while the kiddies run amok in the Parliament. A dictatorship of the bureaucratariat, perhaps?

    Interesting times ahead (he said vacuously).

  18. We're a bit funny with our Senate voting, I suppose because so many people vote above the line, and thus the idiotic consequences of the deals the parties do with each other for preferences come to fruition.

    Yes, it could also be business as usual: Libs win, and keep the Senate.

    The worm is turning though.

    The second half of the year will be a political hot house. The fillies should be less skitish by then, with everyone down to the real business, not mere preening.

  19. Anonymous1:14 AM

    " Hmmm I should at least try and get my learner's, what do you think?"

    I think you should.. And I think that you would romp it in mate!

    Fuck, if only we had more people like you on the road.

    There'd be less bingles for sure Caz!

  20. Go for it, Caz.

    (Blogger sucks)