February 10, 2007

SOS Concert

You can stop worrying now: a humungous concert, generating unquantified volumes of carbon, methane, noise pollution, rubbish destined for landfill, millions of miles of newsprint copy, frightening numbers of unkempt concerned citizens, and copious sound-bites on the evening news, is going to be held so that everyone will think about the subject of climate change.

You won’t need to donate money. You can pledge to do something nice for the planet, like suppressing farts for two months, or only drinking bottled water, or switching off your big screen teevee – but not while the concert is on.

Beaut hey?

Everyone singing and dancing to save the planet.

And you don’t have to do any thinking until the concert starts.

1 comment:

  1. Hmm, this could be another 'triumph' for enlightened counter culture.

    Like Woodstock, the Triumph of the Love Generation. Declared a disater area by Richard "The Millionaire's Tool" Nixon so that the old man could send in RELIEF AID for the damp and starving Flower Children.

    I don't remember being there, so maybe I was. Then again, it was a bit before my time.