February 21, 2007

Our teevee stations suck

We all know that *new* Blogger sucks big time, but it still doesn't suck and blow within dimensional cooee of Australian television:

"Over the past two years, average Australian broadcast delays for free-to-air television viewers have more than doubled from 7.6 to 16.7 months"

Clever programmers we have in this part of the world, unimaginably clever.

Turning viewers into pirates


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your sucky tv. When I was a kid, we had 3 stations & would watch any crap just because it was on. Be glad you have the internet.

  2. Wait, new Blogger sucks?

    ////////////(I can't shut it off!)sarc.

  3. In fairness Cubicle, we are blessed in the land down-under with some beaut teevee innovations, such as, for example: program encores.

    Yes, really.

    In the olden days they used to be called repeats.

    We don't have repeats anymore.

    We're so lucky.

  4. When the day comes that I have to *try* logging on 25 times before new blogger accepts that I'm not a twit and I'm not suffering from excessive typos, well, that will be the day I fall silent from the blogosphere.

    I'm sure there's an old fashioned and recycled joke in this, somewhere, like: how many people does it take to successfully logon to new blogger?