February 4, 2007

Chlamydoselachus anguineus

An unhappy frilled shark.

Running into a frilled shark is rare, given that they normally lurk at depths of a few hundred or a few thousand feet. This frilled specimen was probably unwell, which would explain her short lived capture and appearance at Japan's Awashima Marine Park last week.

See a pretty frilled one in swimming action at YouTube.

A close up specimen.

Personally, I find those sex-assisting claspers a tad too kinky.


  1. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Not to mention the fact that male sharks like this one have two sets of claspers - which means, in essence, two penises.

    One suits The Beast fine, if he had two he'd enjoy all the functional intellect of a pneumatic pile driver at the navy yard docks.

  2. It rather makes the human penis look all the more attractive, circumcised or not.

    Though not necessarily more attractive than a rock *star* with extraordinary dangly testicals, or which he is misguidedly proud.

    He can croquet with them when he gets bored too.

    Deformed Testicals

    WARNING: definitely not workplace or family safe.

  3. Anonymous4:45 PM

    "Attractive" and "penis" are two words who have no business in the same sentence, but if chicks saw no redeeming qualities in them none of us would be here. So thats cool. One man's 'meat' is another's poison as they say...

  4. It's all relative Beast, definitely relative!

  5. Hummm, that should actually have read "deformed scrutom", but well - you'll kind of *get* that if you open the link.

  6. Anonymous6:52 PM

    Should be named the Chlamydia Shark mate.
    Certainly appears diseased to me !

    Guess that's why it looks so unhappy.

  7. Personally I think its smiling... Yes it looks kinda gangly and gross, but thats definatly a smile on its face!