February 4, 2007

Ain’t love grand?

Nearly ten years after leaving an Oklahoma jail ahead of his scheduled exit - taking the deputy warden’s wife with him for company - an escaped murderer, along with the warden’s wife, were found safe and sound living in a trailer park – of course. That was back in 2005.

After all those years the escapee was unable to remember if he had kidnapped the deputy-warden’s wife, or if she had, alternatively, aided him with his escape.

No matter, Randolph F. Dial has been sentenced to more years in jail.

Meanwhile, the then deputy-warden, Mr. Parker's career prospects did not miss a beat, and he is now facility security operations director for the Oklahoma Department of Corrections.

As so commonly happens in cases such as this, Mr Parker's wife promptly returned to his side at the cessation of her ten years of contented living with an escaped murderer.

Mr Parker “dismissed the [Dial’s] account as a fabrication. Mr. Parker said he believed his wife’s account that she had been abducted and held against her will in fear of Mr. Dial’s underworld connections.”

Maybe I should have saved this for Valentine’s Day.

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  1. Anonymous3:41 PM

    Tammy Wynette was on to something.