January 5, 2007

Word of the Day!

I'm sorry, I'm not being lazy, really I'm not.

I just love the fact that there is a word for everything you can possibly imagine, yet we don't know most of them, as we tend to use a painfully truncated vocabulary.

I still remember how wonderful it was to discover that the little plastic bits on the ends of shoe laces were aglets. Yes, tiny little plastic sheaths have a name, a lovely name - say it out loud: "aglets" - doesn't it have exactly the right quality?

Right now I’m excited because there's a word for “the gurgling sounds made by the stomach after eating”.

Now, when your stomach starts to gurgle, be speechless no more! You can casually refer to your gastronomic gurgles as the borborygm aftermath of a delightful meal.

[Pronunciation: bor-bê-'rig-êm]


  1. Anonymous11:59 PM

    And I love how some words are shortened, and used as slang.. cachinnation: Loud or hysterical laughter... I guess that's how we ended up with " cacking yourself laughing"

    And what about farctate:...the state of being stuffed with food.
    Tommy ate the turkey dinner and is farctate!!
    Don't ya just love it!

  2. Farctate? FARCTATE?!

    That makes me want to get all dolled up and run out to a fancy restaurant, and when I've finished eating and the prissy waiter asks if madam enjoyed her meal I would say, in a loud satisfied voice: "Oh yes, I'm truly farctate".

  3. Kath - Rusty went back home to Mum's today, his little ashes in a nice container with his name on it. He's sitting on the sideboard, with family photos.

    Now we'll be able to go back to saying "Hi Rusty" when we visit Mum. :-D

    There's a comfort in that; in habits and rituals.

  4. Anonymous12:18 AM

    Yeah Caz .. There certainly is mate..

    Hope mum is holding up okay.

    Btw Caz I've been a good girl, not capernoited tonight.

    And it's Friday too!

    Remarkable in fact!

  5. Not a single reason to have capernoited?

    Jeez, I hope things crank up over the weekend then - a gel has to have a good cackle at least once a week Kath.

  6. Slow down, slow down . . . I want to write this stuff down. Borborygm . . . farctate . . . capernoited . . .

    Capernoited? Obviously a made-up word.

  7. Has Kath ever lied to you Drunka?

  8. Anonymous2:04 PM

    Never heard that word so I have learnt (learned?) something today.

    The weather is awful in Melbourne again. What's a word for, "bugger, it's hot".

    When's Kathy going to get a blog?

  9. Wow, farctate beats fylfot for Great-New-Word-Most-People-Can't-Define Award.

    I will note it and borborygm in my list of words to throw around at parties. Yes, I go to geeky parties ;-)

  10. But wait, what about the gurgling sounds BEFORE eating? I have those way more often than the borborygm.

  11. Indeed, it occurred to me that there must be a different word for the empty stomach gurgles Cube, although one would be hard pushed to distinguish the auditory of before and after food gurgles, at least for the lay person.

    They must be some seriously geeky parties if you manage to throw fylfot into the conversation once in a while. I’d be struggling!