January 3, 2007

Things I don’t know

In a “best dressed of the year” type spread in a local paper, a blurb about Sarah Jessica Parker’s sartorial credentials concluded with: Consistently fabulous vintage-inspired pieces always worn with éclat.”

How, exactly, in this or any other day and age, does one wear éclat?

Perhaps in 2007 we have become so whimsical that celebs are permitted to “do” nouns, no matter how nonsensical the associated notion may be.

Apart from that: you know that the world is going to hell in a hand basket when all one has to do is don a decent frock once in a while to be deemed, by journalists at least, to be, in some manner, the hybrid wearer / doer / recipient of éclat.

Meanwhile, on the paradoxically named “Australian Princess” the remainder of the aspiring pretend Aussie Princesses (the winner doesn’t actually get to become a princess) have been whisked over to London for a taste of aristocratic life.

Alas, I had the sound muted for most of the show, but my mind was captivated by the sight of a floppy haired lad with a touch of rakish facial hair whose credentials were provided in the helpful caption ascribing him as “one of the party set”. I think a name and location were also included for the young man, but my thoughts were busy being tied into pretzel shapes by the challenge of how one gains the personal title and job description of “one of the party set”.


  1. Of course, I could easily understand and forgive if Jessica Parker was described as an actor who wears the éclat of fawning journalists with a dash of contempt.

  2. Anonymous10:36 PM

    Well Caz gotta be honest mate.

    Eclat is a bit like snirtle for me.

    Never knew the meaning of either until brought to my attention by your good self.

    " How ,exactly, in this or any other day and age, does one wear eclat?"

    Fucked if I know Caz???

    Sarah Jessica Parker has a face like a horse!!......
    Glad I got that off my big chest!

    Ps Caz ..I reckon we qualify for "one of the party set"

    Whadya think ay?

  3. In truth Kath, I yearn for someone to caption me with "one of the party set". Wouldn't it be just darling?

    Poor Jessica, yes, a pretty frock does not cover one's face. She does have unfortunate features.

  4. Caz, sorry to go 'off-topic', but I've just posted the following at my place in reply to your query.

    At this stage I can only offer the dubious advice to contact the Blogger help desk for a solution.

    Then again, I'm not sure it's worth it to 'upgrade'. I haven't really had much of a chance to check out the 'new blogger', but so far I can't really see any compelling benefits to switch across.


    Every time I go into the Blogger Dashboard to create a new, or edit an existing, post, I have to log in with my blogger id, and then it tells me I have to log in to my Google Account. I've told it to 'Remember me on this computer' countless times, but to NO AVAIL.

    I even have to go through all this login shit to post a comment on my own bloody blog!!!

    And every time I want to post a comment, I get a 'standard' IE dialog asking "Do you want to display the non-secure items?"


    My advice to would-be upgraders:


  5. Jacob – I meant to visit your blog last night before logging off, but forgot – as you do – so thanks muchly for dropping by with your thoughts.

    Quite a while ago I did keep trying to logon into new blogger using my Google account, mostly because of the nagging insistence from their screen messages that I SHOULD do this, and besides, I DID have a Google account. No matter how often I tried it wasn’t in the least interested in my Google account, and every time I had no choice but to log into blogger using the old / normal log on.

    The thing that bothers me, and really annoys me, is that I have seem many references / encouragement points WARNING that people should move to the new system, because they will eventually have NO CHOICE.

    Now, how much does that suck if I actually can’t move my blog to their new blogger? Hmm?

    I did eventually find a “contact blogger help” link, which takes you to a message page, where you select from a drop down menu of topics – ah, thank goodness, I thought, they have “other” – since my query didn’t fit any of the topics in the list, all of which were suspiciously familiar. Didn’t matter, the “contact us” system is a lie: you click enter and it just brings up list of links to the online material that you’ve already read and found wanting. Then they have the audacity to have a little message and link to the discussion boards, you know, on the off chance that maybe the information they’d provided via their “contact us” link just wasn’t helpful. Arrrgggg!

    Even the message boards are not helpful, with those generous enough to offer information and respond to people in dire straights, assuming, perhaps reasonably so, that the system actually works.

    “You will need to migrate your blog” they explain, helpfully, but if no such functionality, and no existing blog or your own near and present URL is available on the new blogger account, no one seems to have any answer.

    I feel a bit doomed about this. If they pull the plug on old blogger, and, as is likely, I end up with my current blog vanishing into the ether, against my will, I think I’d resort to subscribing to typepad, or such, but I wouldn’t have my old URL, obviously, so it would be starting all over again. *Sign*

    Thanks for your thougths on all of this Jacob.