January 17, 2007

Not quite over

We haven’t quite done with 2006 yet.

Everyone loves to have their say, and if that entails several easy and quick clicks of a radio button all the better.

To keep you occupied while I have nothing to say, off you go to vote for the Word of the Year - for 2006 - at Macquarie Dictionary. There’s more than one category, so this should keep you busy for several minutes.

I have to say that I question the provenance of a lot of the words, being rather sure, indeed, going so far as to being not at all addled, about believing they’ve been around for quite some years, rather than being coined or having particular ubiquity in 2006. But, it’s their list and they can do as they wish. Besides, I'm ignorant of their short listing criteria or procedures. You’ll notice that some of the words in the word of the year voting are, um, two words, and not even hyphenate ones at that. (I end on a relative pronoun because I feel like it.)


  1. That is kind of a weird list. I mean, "emo"? "booty call"? "apeak oil"?

    The first two are at least a decade old and the last is 40 years old.

    I did vote for a term, though: "pawedness." It's probably old too but I'd never heard it, and Billy Bob is clearly right-pawed.

  2. It's a tad retrograde, isn't it.

    Maybe they're late in getting out their poll for 1996?

    It's nice that Billy Bob has had input to the output.