January 19, 2007

Duck Friday

[Close cousins of the duckies fed by big Kath & ‘little kath’, while on hols, perhaps? See comment from last week.]

More amazing duck stories ...

A newspaper seller in Guangzhou, China, is attracting customers by using a duck as his assistant.

The bird stands on a chair at the kiosk and uses its beak to collect money and pass papers or magazines.

Every time the owner, named Wang, dozes off, the duck quacks to wake him up.

Wang says he has raised and trained the duck and will never kill or sell the bird.

Via Melbourne commuter newspaper mX, January 18. 2007


  1. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Ahhh Duck Friday, and...................... " All's right with the world." ( well it was back in Robert Brownings day!)

    That's such a cute story Caz.What a clever little duckie(certainly no bird brain!).......

    Btw Caz THERE... WERE... 10 little ducklings!!

    What have you done with the other 5 huh???

  2. I was rather hoping that a representative sample would suffice in providing a reasonable facsimile of the duckie family in question.


    Real duck weather here today Kath bucketing rain, for a change.

  3. Man, that's a great picture.

    As far as the trained duck, Billy Bob's already been dumped at the pound and I'm in the market for one of the five little duckies that are left of the original 10. I'll take the one right behind mom's butt. And yeah, Caz, what did happen to those other five duckies? Hmmmm?

  4. O/T, but what's happening with the bushfires, C? Did the rain help?

  5. I probably got over-excited about nothing Drunka, as you do.

    The rain has stopped, and while we got a good couple of hours in the CBD, that doesn't mean it rained anywhere else.

    Important fire-type people were quoted in today's paper as saying they hope that things will have settled in about two weeks, that is, things should be under control by then.

    More than a million hectares of land burnt (a lot of forest in that figure) so far, and if their hopes are realised, it will be two months of non-stop fire fighting by the time they can start pulling back.

  6. Anonymous4:48 PM

    Hey Caaaaz..

    Go have a gander at Jacob's prolix tee shirt.

    It's a crack up mate!

  7. I think it's a bit sad that Billy Bob is being traded for a duckling, especially with his superdog frisbee thing, and his ability to enjoy extreme icy cold snow in a manner that no other known animal does (how often do you find a dog with so many talents?).

    Are you sure a ducky will do a better job than Billy Bob? I know the one in China sounds impressive an' all, but once you get the duckling to Canada (I think I've put enough air holes in the box ...), well, you don't know who it will take to the Canadian air and accent and snow and frisbees and gravy, and stuff.

  8. Anonymous10:40 PM

    "I'm not sure what I would do about raising a little girl in this era."

    Caz... Your honesty is refreshing!

    And you know what I'm not sure I do either..
    And quite frankly it worries me.

    How do you ever kmow if what you are doing is the right thing to do..

    Sorry to unload old mate.. But I get particularly maudlin and intospective when I've had a few!

  9. I think - particularly in this era of the photographed-to-fame and the extreme-makeover-is-a-fun-thing-to-do-on-the weekend - it's more important than ever for mothers to not dumb it down for their daughters, and to not make it neutral.

    It's political!

    Keep it simple, but not simplistic, no matter the age of the daughter.

    The balancing act is not to damage their sense of security, safety, and well being in the world, while ensuring awareness of having to take responsiblity for their own well being - literally their personal safety, but also their well being against the flood of daily imagines that portray women as intrinsically worthless, unless they meet particular and increasingly narrow criteria.

    Knowledge is power. Dumbing it down removes their personal power. Giving it a non-political context contributes to their ignorance and understanding, and diminishes their confidence.

    Those women who I mentioned would be giddy with spinning in their graves Kath? THEY knew, with ever cell in their bodies that power, influence and personal well being resides in governance - in politics - not in having a cute straight nose.

  10. Kath, the flip side, of course, is how to raise a boy to respect women and treat them like "real" people?

    Even middle aged men think that a normal woman looks like "Taylor" (from B&B), or that Jessica Simpson really is a natural "DD" (she isn't despite the creepy boasts from her Minister father). How are younger lads supposed to differentiate between airbrushing and the real women they meet at the pub?

    But lets not get too carried away: most people look normal, act normal, and, remarkably (!!), end up with some normal looking person (who in their eyes is beautiful). And, most people turn out quite okay, despite the bombardment of images and consumer culture and gender inequality.

    Well, sort of. I do wonder about the current 10 year olds, who think nothing of owning a mobile phone, and, like your daughter & her peers, think that the content of Dolly magazine is age appropriate, and that Cosmo and Cleo are just about right for 15 yr olds.

    What are we doing to future generations? And look at the mess we're going to leave behind. Are we preparing these generations for fixing the world? It seems hardly likely, not when they are even more into instant gratification than our generations; even worse at long term thinking and planning; are obsessed with superficial things; (and can't even spell, or do simple math!). For them, data, data everywhere, but no concept of valid information or how to turn it into knowledge. And on and on. They're not "equiped", is what I'm saying, for the really important roles and responsibilities that will be awatiing them when they reach adulthood.

  11. Anonymous12:07 AM

    God Caz .. You are dead right mate!

    How come you are so fuckin' perceptive eh ?

    Yes Caz .." Obsessed with superficial things and can't even spell, or do simple math."

    I was and still am an avid reader Caz..
    It does concern me , that my daughter would rather read inane teen magazines than a good novel!
    * sigh*

  12. Caz--I have by bird up. It is Australian and looks like a bowling ball with Woody Woodpecker's head on it.

    What is this thing called?

    The site is in German.

  13. Anonymous8:08 AM

    Looks like a Cassowary to me snaps.

    We have them in the north of Queensland in the rainforests.

  14. You sure know how to find 'em Snaps.

    Kath nailed it, definitely a Cassowary, a rather chubby one by the looks.

  15. Anonymous11:30 AM

    I have a friend who is raising a daughter on her own. She has just turned thirteen and a beautiful kid.

    My friend enrolled her in a karate course at the university where she works. The girl is kicking up a storm all over the joint and loving it and is learning to relate to young adults in their late teens and early twenties who are balancing work/study and sport/exercise. Keeping fit, learning self reliance, self defence and gaining in self confidence.

    Mind you it probably helps her mother was at one time the national karate coach.

  16. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Hey Caz, just in case you miss it, I have apologized to you over at Harry's for forgeting about Justin going to cyber-heaven..

    I remembered this morning Caz.

    As I said over at Harry's I was slightly inebriated( oh well.. OKAY.. I WAS PISSED) and forgot.

    Didn't want them all to think I was a piss tank or anything..

    Btw Caz, hubby bought me a stubby holder while we were down South.

    He handed it to me with a grin on his dial and said... " I thought of you when I saw this."

    The stubby holder had a map of W.A.
    on it.
    The words written below it were.....

    Wait for it!!

    Two states to be in........

    W.A. and PISSED!

    Gawd he's such a romantic!!

  17. Awww, jeez Kath, I'm all teary reading that. Should all women be so lucky to have a hubby like yours, 'ey.


    What a heart throb; what a man!

  18. A great outlet for a young lass Geoff - if they're interested of course.

    Physical activities build both mental and physical confidence, which is why the falling off of physical pursuits in girls around the puberty years is an unfortunate trend. There are other healthy outlets though, so all is not lost if sports are not their thing.

  19. Anonymous3:20 PM

    Fortunately Caz, my daughter is into gymnastics, and she goes every week.

    When at home she is always practising her gymnastics.

    She's been going for over a year now, and while some of her friends have dropped out, she is as enthusiastic as ever!

  20. Anonymous11:52 PM

    Here is a bedtime story for you Caz.

    When I was a kid I would watch mum chop up the topside steak for a casserole.

    I would snitch about a half a dozen pieces of raw mmeat and devour them with gusto.!

    Also had a penchant for raw sausages, which I have now overcome.

    However , my sister who visits once a year(she lives in Vienna) is mad keen on them.

    So we slap a few sausages on the barbie and then take 'em straight off again.


  21. All this talk of food reminds me that I have a recipe to share.

    Perhaps you've had Hainanese chicken? Well...this is how it's done! Most excellent picnic food.

    All you need is a large pot, a whole chicken, several shallots, lots of ginger and 8 or 9 star anise buds.

    Chuck a whole chicken in the pot and fill it with cold water - enough so that the chicken is comfortably submerged. Then put the star anise buds, the chopped shallots and ginger in as well and fire it up. When the water boils, allow it to boil for a further half an hour before turning off and leaving to cool for a good long spell - overnight is ideal.

    Pull the chicken out of the water. Break it up (it should fall apart and be nice and tender) on a platter and sprinkle - to taste - light soy sauce over it immediately before serving.


    Don't discard the water after you've removed the chook - you now have a pot full of chicken stock!

    A whole chicken works best for this, but you can also use mixed chicken pieces or drumsticks or thighs or whatever tickles your fancy. Breasts wouldn't be a good idea, though - too tough.

  22. "Two states to be in: WA and pissed!"

    Indeed. All Western Australians are proud of their unofficial motto.

    BTW, isn't the cassowary one of those creatures that lives in the PNG highlands and kills humans once they get to a certain size?

  23. Um...the cassowary, not the human.

  24. Tee, hee ... that was going to be my question James!

  25. James, here's a poem that explains everything (turn your speakers down.).

  26. My mother used to eat sausages like that too. The things you learn!

  27. I remember eating the odd bit of raw sausage as a child, even as an adult.

    Snacking on raw topside steak - eeewwwweeee - Kath!

    Now that sounds a great recipe James, an easy one too.

  28. Drunka - yes. That should definitely be our national anthem. Children should be forced to learn all sixteen thousand verses and be caned ferociously if they forget any.

    PS. never expose me to that awful poem again!

  29. The Princess was impressed with the sound of your chook recipe too James; I sent it to her, 'cause she does more cooking than I do, and they are prone to eating chooks.

  30. Hooray! I hope she enjoys it.

    I wonder if you could substitute the chicken for a duck...

  31. You'll have to wait until next Duck Friday to find out what type of ducky cooking The Princess gets up to.

    Not giving any hints.

  32. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Have to wait 'till next week to find out what ducky cooking the Princess gets up to eh Caz?


    Now I know what happened to those 5 little ducklings..

    10 little ducks went out one day
    Over the hill and far away,
    Mother duck said Quack Quack Quack Quack!
    But only 5 little ducks came back.


  33. Anonymous11:58 AM

    Yo Jacob, what an amazing story.

    Hope that ducky DOES survive!

    Which is more than can be said for the 5 little ducklings!!

    Sniff ...

  34. Do I have to be the one to say this?

    What a plucky duck!

    I don't think I would have enjoyed being the one opening the freezer door to a shot / frozen duck, forlornly looking up at me. I probably would have killed it in fright, slamming the door on its poor little frozen head.

  35. This week Kath, this week has a Friday in it too, just like the other weeks.

    You'll have to wait though. No hints. Trust me, you'll be veeeeerrrrry impressed.

  36. Ooooh, okay: it also involves The Golden Child.

    Now that's all you're dragging out of me.

    My lips are sealed.

  37. Can I put in a request? Since it's Australia Day, surely an Australiana theme should be incorporated into Duck Friday. It's the right thing to do.

  38. Oh James, do try to keep up!


    It's a toss up, see, suitable Oz Day pics won't be available until after Oz Day.

    Besides, a sneak preview of Oz Day has been provided, and the ducky for this Friday is extra, extra special and dear to my heart.

    In other words, it's a timing thing.

    Either that or I'd have to post ducks on a non-Duck Friday, and that wouldn't be right.

  39. You're just too lazy to go hunting through the relevant archives, Caz.

    That's why this is Avatar Briefs and not Instapundit. *walks off in a huff*

  40. Archives????!!!!

    You want stale Aust Day material????!!!!

    In 2007 there's going to be a million ducks racing on the Yarra River for Australia Day, and you want me to get some old smelly Aust Day pics from ARCHIVES?!

  41. If only I could master the art of the one line 12 word post, I too could be ... another blog entirely James.

    Some have the knack, some of us don't.


  42. Look. The world is full of people with short attention spans. Know your audience and prosper.

    I should know, given I'm not at all predisposed to verbosity.

  43. If a blogger fails to verbalize at all, does anyone hear?

    (Hint, hint ... you have still to find your blogging mojo, I gather.)

    How are the O/S plans going?

    Still slightly huffy and miffy?

    But I posted "extra" ducks JUST for you!

  44. Just adding this to make an even (well, odd) 45 comments. FORTY-FIVE COMMENTS FOR A DUCK FRIDAY POST!!!!

    You people are sick.

  45. Sure, but it was one heck of a duck and one heck of a Friday.