January 7, 2007

Down by the River

A river side view on Titan.

Scientists now have proof that Saturn's super satellite--the moon Titan--is spotted with lakes of liquid methane, some of them more than 65 km (40 miles) across, making Titan the only other world we know where realtors can sell lake front property. It may even make Titan the most dynamic place in the solar system, other than our own incredibly dynamic little home here on Earth.


  1. Anonymous1:13 PM

    Just before I commit to this property development deal, a quick question.

    The blue bits around the fringes. Is that sand? That's beachfront, right?

  2. Good thing you asked Geoff - buyer beware!

    No, the blue bits - with the help of a handy logarithm of the radar backscatter cross-section (obviously) - are the lakes. But these are BIG lakes. You would NOT be disappointed.

    Alas, they aren't really a pretty blue though, not to the human eye.

    Did you know that the entire universe is actually a shade of beige?

  3. Sorry Geoff, but while you were dithering I snapped up most of the good lakefront property. Now all I have to do is--damn, it stinks around here.