November 21, 2006

More Teleco Device Harassment

The following email was sent by the The Great Marquee Company in Auckland - to an already lost potential customer. It was written by the office manager and wife of the business owner. Hubby has since, sensibly, sacked his wife.
"Hi Steve, Thanks for your reply. Your wedding sounded cheap, nasty and tacky anyway, so we only ever considered you time wasters. Our marquees are for upper class clients which unfortunately you are not.

"Why don't you stay within your class level and buy something from payless plastics instead. Kindest Regards, Katrina."
When are people going to figure out how email works, hey?


  1. Anonymous3:41 PM

    I think Katrina sounds cheap nasty and tacky herself.

    What a way to run a business....


    Obviously none too bright either.
    Leaving the company wide open for litigation.

    Guess the silly fool thinks emails don't count!

    Go figure??????

  2. Interesting to see the author of that article's Luke McIlveen - he's been caught out by Media Watch several times. He did a story on ANZ outsourcing jobs to India a few weeks back, and the Telly and the Herald Sun published an apology the day after.

    On the Marquee Company website, they've published a 'statement':

    ... This is not the view of The Great Marquee Company

    If you are emailing us or visiting our website because of the recent (inappropriate) email communication between a customer and one of our staff.

    We would like to advise that we regret the exchange. We have apologised to the customer concerned and this staff member's contract has been terminated and processes has been put in place to ensure it won't happen again.


  3. It would seem that the "processes put in place to ensure it won't happen again" includes sacking the wife.

    Whatever Luke McIlveen's pedigree as a journalist, even the company isn't denying that this is an entirely true story. Difficult to do damage control on this sort of stuff, when people are dumb enough to display themselves at their worst in email.

    "Our marquees are for upper class clients ..."


  4. Anonymous12:05 AM

    "Thanks for your assistance and we are sorry that it turned out this way, although we are glad we looked at the marquee prior to booking as that would have been a huge disappointment"

    I mean how frigging unnecessary is that? Had this dickhead bothered to explain what his problem was with the marquee, then that would have been an entirely different story. All he had to do was say "no thanks". Instead he decided to dump on these people's livelihood.

    "Hi Steve, Thanks for your reply. Your wedding sounded cheap, nasty and tacky anyway, so we only ever considered you time wasters. Our marquees are for upper class clients which unfortunately you are not."

    Obviously partly tongue in cheek and very very bad business. Having a bad day and allowed herself to be provoked by some typical ill-bred, pathetic, smug arsehole who thinks it's OK to piss on people working their guts out in a small business.

    Of course she should have kept her cool. But my sympathy is for the her and the little business, and not at all for the gutless fuckwit with the loose mouth who thinks it's alright to bad mouth the product of hard-working people because he knows they just have to grin and bear it.

    The man's a prick. I hope the wedding is a disaster and the marriage worse.

  5. I'm with Geoff 100%. If one is reacting to the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune (ie. Katrina), the "I'm having a bad day" excuse has some considerable traction in my eyes.

    However, if you're actively being a prick, then it's open season on you, Steve. You fucking arsehole.

  6. Sounds like both of them are in need of an involuntary stay at an etiquette reeducation camp.

  7. Anonymous10:51 AM

    "Our marquees are for upper class clients which unfortunately you are not."

    Tee hee, great line, but bad for business.

  8. Agree Geoff - Stevie boy's note to them was unnecessary.

    If they hadn't booked anything, they could have chosen to go their merry way without a word, or, if feeling an obligation to let the business know of their decision, they could have sent a polite "thanks for your time, and we're considering our options". For whatever reason, Steve decided he wanted to put the boot in, which was uncalled for, and now he has revenge too - wonder if he's feeling like a beaut bloke because of it?

  9. Anonymous12:08 PM

    Steve's email was of course unneccessary. But the reply from Katrina was foolish, and I would imagine cost the company some business.

    Anyone who has ever been involved in the running of a business will tell you that very often they have to deal with dickheads.... However unless the person is abusive, it is really not in your interest to be rude.

    Tit for tat , so to speak.

    For while it may feel good in the short term to tell 'em to fuck off. Long term repercussions are often the result.

    Many a time there has been when I have had to bite my tongue, when dealing with rude customers...

    .And it pays off mostly..

    Sometimes you discover that the person has had a bad day , or a fight with their spouse etc. I could have easily told them to piss off,but often find that being pleasant and persevering makes a difference.

    After all about 95% of business's fail after 5 years.

    No wonder Katrina got the boot!

  10. Her "time waster" comment was pretty dumb. Most people shop around these days and that's made all the more easy with the Internet. It doesn't mean they're time wasters, or "tyre kickers", it means they're savvy shoppers.

    For just about anything significant that you could buy in a shop, you can find it significantly cheaper on the Internet these days (eg, mobile phones, cameras, musical instruments, blah, blah - not a little bit cheaper either, you can save hundreds, just by a few searches). Same goes for services. It's a foolish thing to let a customer get the better of you in such a competitive environment, particularly for small businesses.

    [PS - I don't personally have anything against Mother Theresa Kath. I just can't help myself, especially with Snaps. :-)]

  11. It is wise to think before striking the send button.