September 17, 2006

Girly Guns

This is so wrong, in every possible way, that I’m gagging and frothing at the mouth just thinking about it.

Lady's Weapons by Antonio Reillo should be illegal. Sorry Antonio, but hand grenades aren’t meant to be pink and guns aren’t meant to have fake Leopard print covering the handle (or whatever the hell it’s called in the trade). Weapons are not meant to be cute, or fluffy or pink. Weapons are meant to be tough and cold and very, very butch.

This oozes of all the worst marketing to women, all rolled into one product line.

This is far worse than cars with extra cup holders, a makeup mirror and a pink swish on the driver’s door, being touted as “especially” designed for women. Yeah, right, must have taken years to come up with those clever motoring ideas.

This is far worse than the mail that lands in my spam box, declaring in the subject heading “finally help for women with debt”, sent by someone called Daisy Debt. As if female debts are pretty and yellow and easily managed if you cut them at the right angle and put them in a vase with a teaspoon of sugar added to the water.

This is even worse than advertisements for feminine hygiene products, which would have us believe that, by some miracle, women of all ages turn into buff blonde beach volley ball players at that time of the month.

No Antonio, you need to be taken out, preferably with one of your cute little heart lined hand grenades.


  1. Fake leopard-skin guns? Next they'll be making ouzis with floral designs.

    This picture is so grotesque I might just have to do a post on it myself ...

  2. I am sure there are weapons that have been designed with women in mind - for example, a small handgun that can fit unobtrusively inside a Fendi clutch - but these weapons displayed here are not such beasts. These are simply awful. Still, I expect there is a market for them; there are many people who possess abysmal taste.

  3. Still, they do give a whole new meaning to the term "Feminine Protection".

    Sorry, it's an old "Bloom County" joke.

  4. Anonymous12:23 PM

    Perhaps the real market for these things are for gay men: "sthop it! or I'll use my grenade thingy on you, you brute!" :P

  5. OMG Mando - you're right!!!!

  6. I think Mando's on to something. No real woman would want those idiotic things.

  7. Hate to say this after Mando's comment, but I really like the ladies' tomahawk.

  8. I dunno...

    I mean, a woman with a desert eagle or a 9mm or even a .22 is a threat - but if confronted with one with a weapon like this, my first thought is to go "Is that real? Gimme a look!" before taking it.

    Women of the world! Keep your guns cold and hard and nasty-looking! Besides, you'd probably burn off the faux leopard print with the heat from repeated use :)

  9. Yeah, my thought is I'd probably laugh, and ask to have a look! :-D