August 5, 2006

Environmental Lies

Yes, greenies know how to tell the odd porky, most often based on a devilishly clever confluence of their areas of greatest ignorance: economics, social welfare, the environment, sustainability and business.

Having set such a sterling example for so many decades there can’t be much surprise that business has followed the lead by lying about how green are their vehicles. In Britain it has been reported that:

“Motorists are being ripped off to the tune of £192 million [$US363 M; or $AU478 M] by inaccurate fuel economy claims — with the greenest car the WORST offender.

Research has shown big differences between the number of miles per gallon makers say models do and what they actually deliver.”

Top ten differences:

Toyota Prius 65.7mpg claimed (actual 52mpg)

Kia Picanto 57.6 (46); Kia Rio 1.5d 60.1 (48.5)

Citroen C3 65.7 (56); Smart Fortwo 60.1 (51.5)

Peugeot 107 61.4 (54); Toyota Aygo 61.4 (54)

Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 51.4 (44)

VW Polo 1.4tdi 61.4 (54.5)

Ford Focus 1.6ti 43.8 (37)

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