June 9, 2006

World’s Funniest Joke

Scientists at the University of Hertfordshire held an Internet experiment to find the world’s funniest joke.

The experiment was conducted in a highly controlled and *scientific* manner: they asked people to send in their favorite jokes.

And without further ado, the envelope please:

“Two hunters from New Jersey go into the woods. One collapses and the other rings for help telling the operator he thinks his friend is dead. When she asks if he is sure, there is a gunshot, before he comes back on the line to say, “Ok, now what?”

The joke has been attributed to Spike Milligan, and possibly written in the early 1950’s, as the Goons were attempting the move from radio to television.


  1. Scientists are wrong as often as anyone else.

  2. I read about that too. To get the full effect, you probably have to hear it said in those manic Goon accents.

  3. Even scientists can be wrong sometimes.

  4. Two hunters - One acccidentally shoots the other. When they get to hospital (I'm starting to sound like you lot) the guy asks the doc if his friend is going to live. the doc says no, but he would have if you hadn't gutted him!

  5. Maybe one day the yanks will learn that slapstick humour is about as funny as a broken leg (uh - as funny as me getting a broken leg. Someone like Michael Moore getting a broken leg is extremely funny! >:)

    Can't beat the poms for comedy! (OK - provided you don't factor in shows from the 80's on the BBC.... :)