April 2, 2006

Let’s share this around

Reality is a mistake, we must rectify it.” So says a Muslim cleric as he explains the benefits of female genital mutilation.

The above link is provided via Nora’s blog (The Thin Man Returns). This really should be published far and wide; on as many blogs as possible.

Of the comments, 'obscured by clouds' offers this thought “…where are the faminists (sic) when you need them?

I guess they’re scrambling all over each other to pull out the last of Maureen Dowd’s red hair; or off in a board room somewhere acting exactly like one of the boys – only worse.

If you’ve never read about the intricacies of so-called female circumcision, do some searches, so that you understand the nature of the barbaric practice and its lifelong consequences. While the practice offers a range of vile and violent options, look up "infibulation", by way of example. Most of the web content is fairly clinical, so you won't faint or anything. Reading first hand accounts from women who have been subjected to genital mutilation, on the other hand, does make for genuinely harrowing reading.

Whether male or female, if you've ever wondered how you might adapt and how you might fare under Muslim rule watch that footage a few times, or just read the quotes over and over. Try to remain sane while you're doing it.


  1. IMHO, the feminist are the victims of years of indoctrination by academia that encourages a value neutral interpretation of all social phenomena. Worse, the left are inculcated with the view that that it is post-colonial arrogance to view western cultures as superior to those that are undoubtedly primitive and barbaric.

    I became uneasy when I heard Sheik Hilaly say that Afghans actually settled Australia rather than Aboriginals. No doubt we are on track towards historical revisionism that will set the scene for claims that Australia is to be part of the caliphate.

  2. Captain – you don’t think the “value neutral” stance is a total crock, no matter who is doing the relativism espousing? Western upper-middle-class feminists have always been exactly that – value laden with their own interests, and but the occasional token gesture to women working in factories, or sold into sex slavery. Their values have always been narrow and self interested and out there for everyone to see; which is not what the feminists of old were on about – the real feminists.

    Yes, we often flaunt our cultural superiority, and abuse it in an absurd manner, but I’m appalled when the left use this to turn a blind & indifferent eye away from the personal stories of real people (whether men or women) who eloquently provide their tortured stories for our consumption, in the hope of action from the west, they plead; they all but beg – and all they get for their preparedness to share the most personal and excruciating details of their lives is a moment of tut tutting sympathy. I would call that western arrogance of the worst kind.

    So, Afghans settled Australia?! Wonders will never cease. Are we really passively setting ourselves up for a caliph rather than a Prime Minister?

  3. Anonymous10:51 PM

    Where are the faminists?

    Hmmmm. Off writing about how hard it is to be a Western woman or something.

  4. Caz, sorry for the delay, have been on the road.

    I agree with what you wrote in its entirety. It explains how feminists can rationalise marching along side fundamentalists whose views are antithetical to their own.

  5. Captain - I think I must be a bit stupid at times (okay, okay, I KNOW I am), and I suppose I had never thought through the extent to which academia has changed.

    When I was in the ivory tower (which I enjoyed very much, I hasten to add, and I would have gladly stayed there, if not for the need to do stuff like earn money), the fundamentals of objective research, using primary sources, analysis, logic, synthesis, being able to present a cohesive & coherent argument, were all core skills. Once mastered, and only then, one had some minor latitude to start offering an opinion & to start applying value judgments, but ONLY if backed up with valid data and / or theoretical teachings.

    Just crapping on, in other words, declining to accept that your own ignorant opinion was worth exactly jack-shit, would have earned a prompt & immovable "fail".

    It is different now, and I don't see how a rudderless and baseless academia offers value to individuals or to society.

    Are feminists the "victims" of empty values, of extreme relativism, of re-writing of knowledge & history - or have they cheerfully embraced it? Because it's just so much easier than applying academic rigor to the feminist framework; it is so much easier than turning a blow torch of objectivity on the current brand of feminism in western societies. It's lazy, it's sloppy. I don't think they're victims of it; indeed, I'm loath to suggest that feminism may have contributed to & sped up this process.

    It's notable that Muslim female academics are now writing the type of intelligent, well considered and in-depth feminist analysis that has long gone by the wayside in the west.

    The hysterics of, and about, Maureen Dowd, for example, is so fucking trite & irrelevant, yet that is what passes for feminist debate in the west – oh, that and the price of child-care.