January 26, 2006

In their own words

Ah bless ‘em, you can’t help but feel for the
Corby / Rose / Kisina clan.

Dear old Mum of Schapelle Corby, Rosleigh Rose, lifting her veil of persistent reticence, this week shared a rare moment, or two, of candor with the world at large.

Other Mum’s might be a touch miffed to find half their brood in jail, but not the stoic Rosleigh (The Age, 24 January 2006):

"What are you supposed to do? At least I know where my bloody kids are, even if they are in jail. There's people who don't even know where their kids are. I kind of liked Clinton being in jail because I knew where he was ... before I'd worry about him, always expecting the phone call - he'd pinched a car and rolled off a cliff. But when he'd ring from jail, I'd be thinking, 'all right, hope you get a couple of years there'."

Mind you, Mum Rosleigh doesn’t want her offspring hanging out in just any old jail. Well, you have to have standards, don’t you?

Now that we’ve all been convinced that any overseas prison is a nightmare of fifth-world proportions, it would seem that Aussie jails won’t let prisoners receive regular offerings from family & friends, but far worse, are over flowing with big butch sheilas, so Rosleigh isn’t too keen on her little girl – who is nearly 30 year old, definitely a sheila, but not especially butch – leaving the less rigorous confines of a Bali jail cell any time soon.

As the concerned Mum explains:

"I suppose, in Australia, there's a rigmarole that's involved in visiting someone in jail. You can only go once a week, you can't take anything to them, they can't have anything and for the girls, how many big butch sheilas are there?"

Yeah, that rigmarole thingy can be a real bugger when your kids are in jail, very inconvenient.

Meanwhile, Schapelle Corby’s lawyer, the improbably named Hotman Paris Huapea, has resigned from her case, because he wants to get back to profit-making cases and to enjoying his “glitzy lifestyle". (The Age, 25 January 2006)

"I have everything that every man dreams of, he said. I work from 6am to 6pm. Then I go to the best hotels and I find the best bottle of wine, of course, with a beautiful movie star. That's a pretty good life, isn't it? I am a playboy, but I am always a good husband and father when they need me."

What a charmer.


  1. Caz! Completely o/t. You said in my comments:

    Dear Mr & Mrs Drunka (and any drunklings, if there are such)

    I am writing to wish you a very happy Australia Day, which is celebrated annually on 26 January.

    Some people, in the post-modern way of things, insist that this date is the anniversary of "invasion day", which is just silly.

    If not Captain Cook, someone else would have landed and taken over the place eventually, and then they would have had the nasty surprise of finding out that it's a great big brown land, with a few other shades of brown thrown in, to help emphasise the great brownness of it all.

    Anyway, it's a wonderful 40 degrees here (which is a bit over 100 degrees in your measurements, I think), so it's a perfect Australia Day - doesn't get more Aussie than this.

    To which I replied:


    Happy Australia Day! Don't know why I didn't remember before you mentioned it. I did remember Anzac Day last year: http://thedrunkablog.blogspot.com/2005/04/lucky-country.html (has embarrassing Margo reference), and as you might be able to tell from that (and all the Oz bloggers on my blogroll), I love and admire your country more than any other except my own, and in a number of ways more than my own.

    To Australia, the most successful country on earth! (In other words, "Invasion Day" my ass.)

  2. I never knew you were such a fan of our fine country. What a wonderful message, and a great reminder to us Aussies of our good fortune.

    Lurve you post from ANZAC day, and thank gawd your retirement from the blogosphere lasted but a nanosecond. (Although the Margo thing is a tad unfortunate, you must still blush in all your private places when you think of it.)


  3. Thanks for the link, cazzy dahlink...

  4. No probs honey - thought it was interesting that you were several steps ahead of the MSM in questions you were raising. :-)

    At least you know the answers now & you were pretty much right, about the cooperation of the major players with the Chinese gov't.


  5. Well, you know what they say - a broken clock's right twice a day... :D

  6. Apparently Hotman Paris studied in Australia. One wonders how this self proclaimed superstud fared with the ladies on campus.

    I wonder what his uni's guild women's department officer would have to say about such an attitude.

  7. To Caz:
    Any chance that Shapelle will see Australia again considering that very few last longer than 10 years in a Balinese jail. Seems that the chickens are coming home to roost about the rest of the family and their links to drugs. I think in all of this that she was just another stupid little mule....

    To JGM:
    Well said. If the British hadn't settled here and made the place a penal colony and just moved the "original" VISITORS from where they had their humpy (it bad news when tha white fella know some your history, eh Jackie?), then they could have had the following:
    - The Dutch. Look at South Africa and what happened there.
    - The Spanish. Look at South America and what happened there. Mexico?
    - The French. Algeria. Later: Mururoa Atoll. (is Ethiopia in this mix?)
    - The Japanese. Check out how they treat halfbreed Japanese inside their own culture.
    - The Chinese/The Koreans. Communism - this means that you lot would have to get jobs!
    - The Indonesians/Muslims. Every last one of you would be dead due to not following the ways of the Paedophile. No plonk either. Granted that a stone-age civilisation being overrun by another stone-age mentality wouldn't really account for anything. The only difference now is that modern civilisation means that the world knows about what happens. Nothing modern or civilised about these conquerers.

    So, to those who push the 'Invasion Day' bullshit: how about you f***wits just shut your collective pieholes and be damn glad that Australia was settled by those that did. It would have been settled eventually by *someone* regardless of whether you liked it or not. It could always have been much, MUCH worse.

  8. Anonymous8:52 PM

    Caz, when I read that quote by Mum Corby I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Some people's values just astound.

  9. Jai - ah bless you, well said, and thanks for going to the trouble.

    Back to Corby - I had never read that statistic, but if true, that's harsh; she may never come home.

    Last week when the prosecution announced that they were only asking 20 years for the female member of the "Bali Nine", my immediate thought was that she could get out before Corby, which is ironic. Corby can't ever seek clemency, at least as far as I understand it, whereas the other woman can - you have to admit guilt and be very apologetic, etc if you are going the clemency route. So, in around 10 years, maybe sooner, but probably not, the heroin mule, who has already admitted guilt, can put her hand up for clemency. Corby won't ever be able to put her hand up. Victim of her own "innocence". Maybe it wasn't such a good strategy after all.

    (Have clean forgot name of the other woman, and too lazy to look it up - you know which one I mean!)

  10. jn,


    And Caz,

    "At least I know where my bloody kids are." That's just about the funniest thing I've ever read. But then, I've been depressed and suicidal for several years now.

  11. Drunka - then the motivational quotes in the latest post would have perked you up no end!