December 21, 2005

Silent Blog, Holy Blog

Airservices Australia will be making sure that Santa has safe and efficient passage through Australian airspace this Christmas. You can keep track of Santa's progress at the special blog set up at Santa 05.

Merry Christmas to everyone, but most especially my little C, baby A, and big M; and to G and L, and baby M; and to G & A and their little C; and to F & J and their little ones L & P; and to R & the gels, and E, and to my K – with love, always.

Merry Christmas to everyone in the blogosphere, with special wishes (but no favorites!!) to Evil Pundit, Mr and Mrs Drunka, Nick & Nora, Jai, Nilk & Magilla, Accidental Taorist, ekw (if you happen to drop by), Jolanda & family, Cube, Zydeco Fish, Craig.S & his boyz; and not the least, James –somewhere freezing in China.

And not forgetting the magnificent and charming captain [pseudonym - psycdoc] (Bugger, I knew I'd forgotten someone.)


  1. Many thanks Caz! Hope you and yours have a great xmas as well!

  2. Ahhh, thats ok. You knew I was Jewish, right? ;)

    Have a happy and safe new year.

  3. Thank you Caz. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and yours.

  4. Thank you. Merry Christmas to you too.

  5. Thank you and a very Merry Christmas to a fellow 47-ite!

  6. cube - now you've stumped me - 47-ite?


  7. Hohohohohoho!
    Caz you been a naughty one the whole year, yet you get quite a lot of friends.

    Better be naughtier next year then, eh?

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  8. Anonymous6:29 PM

    Thanks, Caz! Drunkawife appreciates being included under the largesse of Drunkahusband's blog!

  9. Caz,
    Thanks for the wishes - the same right back at you. Hope the year brings all that you deserve :)

    Nilknarf has been out of action for a while - seems that her PC was trying to turtle on her :?