August 3, 2005

Young Toorak Libs Running Free

Our very own Victorian Young Liberals have presented some lovely fresh ideas at their council meeting.

First up, and it would seem, vehemently supported by both the youthful men, but most especially the youthful women, is the proposed abolition of the Liberal Parties principle of mandatory gender equality in the party – on the basis that women were "more than adequately represented".

Gender equity? What a pesky and quaint notion. So outdated, especially in an era when women occupy less than 9% of executive positions in the workforce (and falling) and things are obviously progressing so well without any interference from anyone.

Secondly, and this reflects the innovative, fluid and delightful thinking of our young and future leaders: the Young Liberals also passed a motion calling "for the Australian Government to train undercover agents to kidnap or kill those responsible for the Bali bombing". What no torture?

Aren’t they just precious little darlings?

I truly believe that the Young Libs are all fundamentally stable and secure, and are, therefore, definitely eligible to audition to appear on one of those child-busters programs, just a soon as someone can accommodate a large enough naughty corner.

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