August 17, 2005

Non-Drivers Cause 50% of Accidents

Despite not being allowed to drive, studies have revealed that women are involved in around 50% of traffic accidents in Saudi Arabia.

Quite remarkably, one of the reasons given for the high percentage of accidents caused by women was “their lack of knowledge of road rules and regulations”.

Hmm… time, perhaps, to allow them to drive, and thus allow them to learn how to do so, within the boundaries of the road rules? Just a thought.

On the other hand, if they really are causing 50% of the accidents while not allowed to drive, this would not auger well for traffic accidents if they are ever permitted on the roads. Imagine the carnage!

The explanatory notes add further intrigue, suggesting that another key reason for the high number of accidents caused by women is “marital quarrels”. This would tend to suggest that their husbands collude in allowing their wives to flout the law (what, he didn't notice she was the one behind the wheel - oops?), but then provide their wives with a few too many helpful tips on how to execute the task, although, one can understand their nervous disposition.

Hit and run accidents were cited as a major problem, especially inside cities and neighborhoods, and outside schools and shopping centers, with more than seven thousand people being run over each year. No school zones then? The little kiddies get their daily exercise by jumping and running for their lives.

Wearing a burqa while driving was not cited as a cause of bad driving or accidents.

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