July 27, 2005

Start scheduling for the extra long year!

No-one has enough time.

We yearn for a 25 hour day, or an eight day week – preferably with at least a three day weekend.

So busy we don’t have time… well, for much of anything really.

So busy that, once upon a time, people would use up much of their day bemoaning, with a smidgen of hubris, just how busy they were, to anyone within yelling distance, but now no-one has time to listen.

Henceforth - or at least until next year - no more complaints about lack of time, or being so, so, so, so busy you don’t have time to think about how busy you are.

Start planning – right now – for how you intend to use the extra long year that will be 2005!

Yes, truly, this year, as a gift, we will have one extra second on New Year’s Eve.

Atomic clocks will be bought into alignment with the earth’s rotation, on 31 December, thus affording us one second that we would otherwise not enjoy – commonly known as a leap second.

So, before leaping unthinkingly into 2006, we will have one extra second to pause in contemplation; or to sleep; or to have sex (twice, for some); or to flick the dandruff off your shoulders; or to rearrange your testicles one more time before launching into Auld Lang Syne; or to merely stop and consider the truism that time really does fly.

Make the most of your extra second; don’t waste it! Put it in your diary, damn it, and stop complaining that you never get anything you ask for – you wanted more time – well, this year you got it – be grateful!

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