January 15, 2017

Social media false narrative frenzies

The truth will set you free, if only you use your own brain cells, rather than relying on Donald Trump or social media, or any online frenzied witch hunt.

 The world wide web is a wonderful thing, but it has enabled the worst of the ignorant herd to gather and spawn stupidity and hate. It's the unintended consequence of a technology that had so much potential for global good.

Caught up in a false narrative frenzy


  1. Anonymous11:59 PM

    Social media can be really cruel - some are more cruel than others:

    Four people have been taken into custody in Chicago after apparently kidnapping and torturing a special-needs man they claimed supports Donald Trump.



  2. That was a couple of weeks ago, and was real. So?

  3. Anonymous11:07 AM

    It's just another sad example of the hatred and the escalation of same that may have been fueled by on line hysteria.

    Also, since the election, you do not miss an opportunity to include Trump as an negative example in relation to the subject matter of your posts, as you have above.

    Have you asked yourself if all this media driven hysteria has motivated your warlock hunt against Trump.

    There is much wrong about Trump but equally there is much wrong with Mrs Clinton, most of which has been totally ignored by the corporate media, especially the subject matter of the Wikileaks emails (all factual raw data) which exposed the DNC, Mrs Clinton and The Clinton Foundation and others (including Republicans and foreign individuals and entities)) in a very bad, if not criminal, light.

    It all stinks to high heaven.

    But rather than address the factual subject matter the CIA with the help of the corporate media has focused on the source of the leak, rather than the subject matter - in other words all this hysteria about Putin and hacking is the distraction, the distraction to make sure that the widespread corruption of both the Republicans and Democrats (and foreigners etc.) is not revealed via the mass media - however the alternative media has been dealing with this information to the shock and horror of many.

    Trump knew this well and exploited the undercurrents with his drain the swamp bullshit.

    And was Putin really behind the leak? Who knows, there is no real proof, just assumptions that supposedly 17 intelligence agencies agree on - just like the 16 intelligence agencies that assured Colin Powell Iraq had WMB. There have been quite a number of ex intelligence operatives who insist these emails were the result of an internal leak.

    Also it should be noted that countries are hacking each other all the time - it's called espionage and the yanks are quite possibly the experts at that, or maybe Israelis.

    The sad reality for the supporters of Mrs Clinton is that she lost the election; she lost for a lot of reasons not least that she had been exposed as being dishonest, hypocritical, reckless and quite possible criminal and so on - traits that she and Mr Trump shared equally, but the corporate media concentrated on Trumps sins while ignoring Mrs Clinton's - the alternative media didn't, as such the meme "fake news" was introduced to discredit the Alt Media, however, unfortunately for the corporate media the meme was turned on them - and now they claim it's meaningless.

    America has pretty well become a nation of children, bad tempered, narcissistic children, this was not by accident, rather by design. And like children they are easily distracted, so much so that their democracy has been usurped by a powerful non elected shadow government that couldn't care less about the left of right (that's just theatre) - it's all about power and control. As most of the kiddies, having been robbed of a good education and the ability to think critically, simply haven't got a clue, as such have become the useful idiots of the hidden government that controls them, their minds and their behaviour.

    Divide and conquer.


  4. Clinton isn't about to become the leader of the free world, so there's nothing to post about her. It's that simple.

  5. Everyone is hacking everyone else, but they have not previously so blatantly used information or that method to influence the outcome of a foreign country's election.