January 11, 2017

Donald Trump: Voters Mock PEOTUS Over Shocking Reports Of Prostitutes & ‘Golden Showers’

“Is anyone that surprised considering he plans on taking a piss all over the entire country?” one user tweeted. “You can’t spell TRUMP without a ‘Pee,'” another wrote. “That moment when classiest #POTUS says farewell & the #PEOTUS is trending due to #GoldenShowers. Well done, America. Way to pass the baton,” another tweeted. Clearly, the puns just kept on coming.
  Donald Trump: Voters Mock PEOTUS Over Shocking Reports Of Prostitutes & ‘Golden Showers’


  1. Anonymous10:01 PM

    Oh dear more fake news, but the reality is hilarious:

    How 4Chan McFooled John McCain, Buzzfeed, and the CIA Into Believing Trump's Golden Showers

    Ok, there is a lot to go through with this story, which is going to end up being one of the biggest embarrassments for Buzzfeed, the CIA, and old man McCain ever.

    First let's go over what happened, in reference to the pesudo intelligence report aka 'dossier' published by the high level retards over at Buzzfeed.

    Dead Giveaway The 35 Page Dossier Was A Hoax? The British Don't Use "Confidential," They use "Official"

    It has come out that the dossier and supporting documentation were fabricated by an anonymous 4Chan user, who sent the hoax to a RINO named Rick Wilson back in the Fall of last year. Rick Wilson is (in)famous for his description of Trump supporters as “single white males who masturbate to anime”. The 4Chan user wanted to embarrass Rick Wilson, who apparently tried to shop the fabrication to MSM without success (cuz they couldn’t “source” it, given that the entire documentation is a fake).


    Happy New Year Caz, hope is was a blast.

    This is funny, but poignant

  2. Oh, come on Justin, Trump has squawked about 'fake' news for so long, except when it helped him win the election; for Trump that made it real and rightfully widely published, and oh so ethical. None was true. It definitely influenced the outcome of the election.

    Imagine if this news had come out two weeks before the election, instead of the fake (actually fake) news about Clinton.

    Russia has been collecting intelligence on Trump for at least five years. Whether any of it's reflected in the briefing is anyone's guess, but they've sure as shit been gathering information for leverage, just in case.

    This story will not go away, it's not at all like the fake stories about Clinton (and there were DOZENS of those).

    Get used to it, this will be big and long term.

  3. Anonymous8:00 AM

    Caz, my above was simply about the origins and validity of the prostitutes and golden showers thingy - it was fake, a set up - intelligence and the some media organisations fell for it, or tried to pass it off as fact. They got caught out and look like dopes.


  4. The media reported on the factually true matter of the current and future POTUS being briefed on the existence of the dossier. That's not 'falling' for 'fake' news. The existence of the dossier and the seriousness of the matter led to the briefs and the subsequent reporting of the briefings.

    No one in the media has said the details are proven, and have all stated, as did the memo, that the some content would not be possible to validate, while other aspects are evidently not true.

    BuzzFeed decided to publish the whole dossier, without comment, because it exists. This is there stock in trade.

    It's not fake news, as it's been widely known by the media that the dossier existed. Intelligence agencies were concerned enough that both Obama and Trump had to be told.

    That's not made up.

    Unfortunately, as with so many things related to Trump, we'll all have to stop using the expression 'fake news', because it now has no meaning. Now it's become any news that someone doesn't like or doesn't agree with.

    Locally a One Nation candidate reportedly posted (who knows when) that the drowned three year old Syrian refugee was a fake, and the boy is alive and well, and that the Port Author mass murder by Bryant was also fake. It didn't happen, according to the candidate. See, that's how easy it is now to simply dismiss reality. All anyone has to do is is reject factual information, announce the opposite opinion, and other people then believe it.

    This non-reality approach will continue for the next four years. Follow the leader. High on Trump's agenda is an investigation into the 'science' of vaccinations. Yes, that's right, just as he spent eight years as a 'birther' during Obama's term, now the new POTUS is challenging well established medical science.

    History is going to be damning of this no-truth era. Let's hope it's not long lasting.

  5. Anonymous10:43 AM

    The existence of the dossier is not bullshit news (agree) but the details have not been validated, while other aspects are evidently not true or bullshit (agree).

    This all seems like a childish waste of time does it not?

    BTW - this no-truth era has been around since Adam was a boy, it's called lying, politicians and the media having also been doing it forever.

    You know, the best thing that resulted from the election was that Mrs Clinton did not get elected, the worst thing was that Mr Trump did.


  6. The man who campaigned as being the one to vote for because he would 'drain the swamp' has done no such thing. He's made it swampier.

    There's a galaxy of difference between all past half truths, lies (Nixon), gossip, and reporting real information that is doing the rounds including stating that the content can't be verified, and a man who is unaware of the difference between truth and lies.

    This is definitely a new era. It's not normal nor is it the 'new normal'. It's dangerous for the whole world.

    Wasn't the Trump 8 year 'birther' campaign a childish waste of time? And yet it ran and ran and ran, and was published over and over again in all forms of media.

    You might think it was a childish waste of time that Trump and Obama were briefed on the existence of the dossier (since everyone else knew about it already!), and Trump seems to agree, as he's denied that he was given a briefing. One week from being POTUS, Trump is unaware that everything he does and every meeting he attends and everything that's said is now in official records. Including briefings.

  7. Anonymous1:49 PM

    The birther thingy is still going, not that I could care less - you can check it out for yourself.

    Government generated bullshit that is sold by the media has been around for yonks, not new at all, but that does not mean it's not morally repugnant, and yes very dangerous.

    A few examples of political and media lies.

    Bullshit regarding Spanish atrocities in Cuba complements of William Hearst - because of this the American people supported the Corporate backed Spanish American War which made people like J D Rockefeller even richer (think white gold).

    The same type of propaganda was used against Germany to encourage the Yanks to support their engagement in WW1 - it would have been best if Germany won WW1 - no Hitler, no WW2, no holocaust etc.

    The Gulf of Tonkin bullshit leading to the bombing and escalation of the Vietnam war which enriched Wall St and the MIC.

    And of course the bullshit regarding weapons of mass destruction (once again enriching Wall St and the MIC) which was brought to us by the same people who want us to trust them about all this Russians are coming bullshit when in fact it's not Russian "aggression" that is the problem it's been US foreign policy - the neocons, the Wolfowitz Doctrine, PNAC and Rebuilding American Defenses etc etc etc.

    Just those few examples led to the death of a lot of human beings and it had nothing to do with humanitarian reasons, rather profits.

    And when it comes to interfering in elections and other people business it is the yanks who are the champions:




    Personally I reckon anybody who trusts American politicians or their corporate media would have to have rocks in their head. Anybody who trusts any politicians must have rocks in their head.

    I've come to the conclusion if one has surpassed the age of fifty and not developed a cynical distrust of all politicians, government and the corporate media then one has not been paying attention or is hopelessly brainwashed of both.

    Now time to get back to me play dough and lego.


  8. You're not concerned that you took the trouble to link to 'birther' information, as if it was ever a valid topic?

  9. Oh, come on Justin, Trump has squawked about 'fake' news for so long, except when it helped him win the election; for Trump that made it real and rightfully widely published, and oh so ethical. None was true. It definitely influenced the outcome of the election.
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