March 24, 2016

Turnbull runs with funny script

Turnbull adopts most meaningless slogan from US political comedy series, Veep. Can't he afford his how script writers?
It's been a turbulent week for Mr Turnbull: his popularity again plunged and on social media he has been lambasted for using a "hollow and oxymoronic" slogan made up for satirical political US TV show Veep.

The show's lead actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus said she was "dumbstruck" by Mr Turnbull's use of the phrase "continuity and change" during an interview on ABC's 7.30 this week — the slogan a carbon copy of one used on Louis-Dreyfus' spoof HBO series.

Mr Turnbull used it in an attempt to distance his government from that of former prime minister Tony Abbott.

Writer of the US TV series Simon Blackwell accused the prime minister of copying the slogan used in season four of the show.

"In S4 of Veep we came up with the most meaningless election slogan we could think of. Now adopted by Australian PM," Blackwell tweeted.


  1. Rather embarrassing. On many levels. That anyone ever thought such a slogan was good beggars belief. Abbott will have fun in the coming campaign.

    And now we have the wonderful notion of state income taxes. Really? If that is supposedly 'revenue neutral' then it is nothing more than convenient electoral sop to the gutting of forward funding cuts to the states announced in 2014. Imagine: states having to create their own version of the ATO and a new State Income Tax Act (with all the following regulations). Splitting deductions for state and federal tax. Indeed, what might be allowable under one and not the other? Lastly (but certainly not not least) just how long will it take before states up their income tax takes?? Anyone who thinks they will not believes in making a living out of playing poker machines.

  2. Turnbull has no economic policy, complete debacle.

    Yes, he is thinking of giving states control over public education funding, and the feds would hold onto privates, because - wait for it - Turnbull is concerned that the states would treat private schools unfairly. Can't have that!

    The only county in the world that has this perverted system. The countries that do best in educating their children have well funded and well staffed state schools, and those who want to send their children to private schools pay to do so, in full. Funny that.

    Because the states did so well at cutting taxes and rates when the GST was introduced, hey? That was the deal, they were all supposed to abolish some of the revenue raising in exchange for GST share, which in turn would help stimulate business and growth. None of them ever did cut or abolish the things they promised to, imagine what they'd do with an ability to raise new revenue of their own.

    Turnbull still went on to defend his 'continuity and change', repeating it many times in the ABC interview. Truly ...

  3. Turnbull is also being deceptive with his state school funding argument, asking the question whether state ministers better understand and know how to run their local schools. Well, yes, sure (or maybe not so good at it!), but they already make those local decisions, they already 'run' the state schools, ergo, the running of the schools has nothing to do with the funding source. But if Turnbull's argument was valid, then the feds should not be funding private schools, either, as the feds are not best placed to run local private schools.

    For an educated man, Turnbull doesn't seem to be able to join more than two dots at a time. So far, he's not been able to initiate or successfully sell a single idea.

  4. It would help if the ideas were saleable. This is a crock and has been called out as such. Of course the states run their state schools and would continue to do so no matter the source of the funding. Ditto hospitals. None of this will change should the crock grow legs and run.

    Wendy Harmer hammered a federal minister (Birmingham possibly can't remember) on 702 yesterday morning on the notion of why do it if the tax take is revenue neutral? The answer was that states need to demonstrate responsibility in their spending thus they should be responsible for raising the money spent. Ergo, the states are presently (and have been) irresponsible. Bad girls and boys.

    Dead right: those taxes did not go away with the GST and any state income tax has about as much chance of remaining dormant as bacteria in an agar plate.

  5. It seems that 'way back when' - a long, long time ago - back in the Fraser days, Turnbull was vehemently opposed to Fraser's proposal to shift some tax raising back to the states.

    Well, we all change our minds, and we change our ideas when presented with new information.

    I suppose Turnbull's new information is that he can't figure out how to put together a budget for an entire country. So he wants to outsource.

    Yes the states are irresponsible, but that's been the case for an awful long time. It's not a logical argument for giving them more tax raising powers!

    Worse, though, would be the inequity that would very quickly across the country for schools (or hospitals) if funding was with the states. And if only 'some' is, all the messier.

    And yes, if it's cost neutral, what's the point? But it won't be neutral, because the administrative cost of raising new taxes will be shifted to all states, as will changes to how education funds are administered, both will be an additional cost - to the state taxpayers.

    1. Anonymous9:12 PM

      Turdball is on the right path in my opinion - but the dopey bastard has a long way to go. Yep, the individual states can collect income tax, as well as fund education, hospitals, and everything else a sovereign state does - then we can nuke the ACT, fuck the Federal Parliament off forever and devolve into seven separate nations. Then Tasmania can declare war on all the other mainland nations, enslave the mainland population and make the bludgers pick apples while the home team gets pissed on very cheap home brew while playing (badly) thirteen stringed banjos.

      Genghis J

  6. Justin - you have a plan. You should be PM.

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