January 24, 2016

Too dumb to fail

All things US Republicans, two new books reviewed - “Why the Right Went Wrong” and “Too Dumb to Fail”.

A good summary of the state of the Republican Party:
He argues that the conservative movement has been captured by “empty-headed talking point reciters, rookie politicians who’ve never managed anything in their lives, media clowns such as Donald Trump, dim bulbs in tight pants or short skirts, professionally outraged shout-fest talking heads and total political neophytes.” He notes that the movement is full of overdogs pretending to be underdogs. Ted Cruz, the Tea Party’s leading champion, was educated at Princeton and Harvard Law School and is married to a Goldman Sachs executive. He accuses these assorted freaks of caring more about stoking outrage than in governing the Republic. The more outrage they provoke the more money they can raise — and the more money they can raise the more outrage they can stoke.

‘Why the Right Went Wrong’ and ‘Too Dumb to Fail’

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