December 9, 2015

Don't let statistics get in the way of a happy Xmas

But don't let that stop a happy American family Xmas:


  1. Absolutely ludicrous. There is, for a large number of Americans, a serious mental aberration resulting in a logical disconnect when it comes to firearms. Many people who are otherwise able to engage in a logical discussion of politics and other subjects display the cognitive facility of fundamentalist religious zealots when the subject of firearms and gun control is raised. The vested interests of arms manufacturers are voiced through their intellectually bereft mouthpiece the NRA and registered by campaign hip pockets. The disgusting tripe, presented as logic, which emanates from this morally bankrupt organisation is only fascinating in its ability to find new ways of twisting facts.

  2. Meanwhile a mother in Florida shot dead her 27 year old daughter during the night. Heard foot steps, so, naturally, pulled out a gun and shot the shadowy figure without first finding out if it was someone she knew.

    It's a whole other mindset when you first shoot, and only secondly verify who it is.

    Asking "Who's there" might be a common first step in most countries.

  3. Afraid the country - Texas especially - runs on "Tombstone rules". Just don't be the logical person asking that everyone coming to town check their guns with the law. Really, just how to supposed adults believe that "concealed carry" rights make unis, schools and anywgere else somehow safe?

    Still, this is a country where cable channels like NatGeo air shows such as Doomsday Preppers - a frightening insight into the minds of those who don't trust "gumment" and are prepared to deal with it.

    Doc Holliday might even be appalled...

  4. Ooops. The post NY brain isn't typing too well...

  5. And so now "Cancealed/open carry" is law in Texas. What was "J's" comment on the other thread? May as well give guns to monkeys? They already have it's just that the monkeys no longer have to show they carry.