November 29, 2015

Go fund other people's petty indulgences

Taking its cues from micro-financing for third world countries, Go Fund Me probably started with no particular intentions - other than making money in the usual manner for the owners - and quickly became a repository for first world petty wants and indulgences, wrapped up as need.  It's like begging, only from the safety of your couch. 
A quick survey of sites shows that many people seem as interested in being the next guest on Ellen DeGeneres as in getting funds. (Meeting Ellen DeGeneres is a surprisingly common request on GoFundMe.)

Here’s the question I can’t stop asking myself: Has social media made our craving for attention and validation overwhelm all other considerations? There is nothing new about asking your friends for help (remember rent parties?), but that help was confined to a small group of people you actually knew.

Now, no such boundaries exist. Your 4,000 Facebook friends should know if you can’t pay for your rent — or your plastic surgery. And who knows? They may just pay up.

There was a time when there were needs, and there were wants, and we knew the difference. Now? Now I’m not so sure.
Go Fund Me Gone Wild

November 2, 2015

Surprising health benefits of coke

Coca-Cola has been shown to increase absorption of cancer treatment drugs by up to 40 per cent.

Coke is also the medically recommended drink after you have your tonsils out.

The way things are going, health warnings on coke (if that ever happens to soft drinks) might turn out to need some confusing qualifiers.