June 1, 2015

Manspreading crimewave

Finally, manspreading a crime!  In New York, at least.

First people arrested for 'manspreading' on New York subway


  1. You're not really a man until you have spread it around.

    Let us be quite clear about this.

    If women are allowed to have personal hygiene products tax free then men are allowed to take up additional space on public transport at public expense.

    Only stands to reason

  2. Women do not have tax free personal hygiene products.

    Men have taken up all public space for long enough, Geoffff. It's a political issue, always has been. Never thought I'd live to see the day that they'd be fined for taking more than their fair share though. Almost brings a tear to the eye. :-D

    1. Actually I have an expert knowledge on the taxation treatment of these and similar products spanning about twenty years but let's not go there.

      Yeah, I can tell how distraught you are.

      Truth is I wouldn't know. I don't get out much and I stay away from big cities like the plague they are.

      So I'll shut up now, shall I?

  3. Err, the tax does apply, Geoffff, thus the recent questions to the Treasurer about removing the GST. I don't see any party rushing to change the situation, and it's a little moot. After all these years of GST, is it really a first order issue?

    Men taking up space. Lots of space. More than their share. It's literal and metaphorical. So obvious, yet over the decades, and still nowadays, the outrage from men if any space is put aside especially for women.

    I remember in Canberra, decades ago, a solitary women's pub, oh the outrage went on for years and years and years. Men weren't bared from enjoying the venue, far from it, but it was intended as a safe place for women to drink and have a good time - like men do, in every single one of the other hundreds of public venues that were and are available to them.

    1. I know it applies Caz

      It was an issue when the GST was being framed and it was certainly an issue under the old WST that GST replaced.

    2. I don't remember the women's pub but it certainly would not have worried me. On the contrary. It would have suited me fine that women who did not want to be in a pub where there are men were not in a pub where there are men. Especially this man. No offense taken at all and it is cool by me for people who prefer that I was not in their presence were in fact not in my presence.. .

  4. Used to be a good place to drop by, but that was a long, long time ago. According to Wiki it's expanded five times, evidently a very large venue now, so would have long ago lost it's original charm.

    Tilley's Devine Café Gallery is a well-known café in the suburb of Lyneham in Canberra, Australia. It was named after Matilda 'Tilly' Devine, a gangster and madame from Sydney who lived in the mid-twentieth century.