January 11, 2015

Anonymous to 'avenge' Charlie Hebdo victims

While coming a little late to the game - and it's impossible to know how effective such efforts will be in making it more difficult for Islamists to recruit for and carry out terrorist acts - it's nice to see the best hackers in the world coming to the party to do their bit to counter-terrorism.

If they're going to hack anyway, why not do it for the greater good of the world.

The Belgian branch of Anonymous has posted a YouTube video about its new campaign called #OpCharlieHedbo.

In the video, a person wearing Anonymous’ trademark Guy Fawkes mask and speaking French with an obscured voice, refers to Al-Qaeda and Islamic State specifically, saying the group had decided to ‘declare war on you, the terrorists’, The Mirror reports.

"We will track you down to the last one and will kill you,” the person in the video say.

"You allowed yourselves to kill innocent people, we will therefore avenge their deaths."
Anonymous to 'avenge' Charlie Hebdo victims

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