December 29, 2014

How much fast food can a nation eat?

A lot, a scary, scary lot. 
"Food trends come and go but our love for fast food remains. Australians make 51.5 million visits to fast food restaurants every month, according to an Enhanced Media Metrics Australia's report on our eating habits, released earlier this year. McDonald's took the cake as the nation's fast food restaurant of choice, according to the report which labelled Australia as "truly a fast food nation".
Yep, that would be 51.5 million trips to a fast food store EVERY MONTH.   That's a whopping 618 million trips in a year.  For a population of around 23 million, which includes babies, toddlers, the disabled, the elderly, the fast food intolerant, etc. etc.  So some of you are eating WAY too much fast food.

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