December 2, 2014

Film endings for idiots

Film: Thelma and Louise
Ending: Going out in a blaze of glory after the long and dramatic police car chase the two friends triumphantly speed off the edge of a desert cliff, leaving the audience uncertain of the outcome.
Original ending: In a slightly more definitive ending the women’s convertible is seen blazing over the cliff and captured tumbling all the way down to the canyon floor most certainly being pulverised in the process. 

Film: Titanic
Ending: The romantic tear-jerker ends with old Rose tossing her diamond into the ocean before dying peacefully in her sleep to be reunited with her love Jack.
Original ending: In a far more dramatic turn of events, Rose is seen scaling the rails of the boat much to the horror of her daughter and the treasure hunter, Bill Paxton who rush to her only to be given a speech about the beauty of life before Rose hurls the diamond overboard upon which a crew member yells, “that really sucks lady!”

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