November 22, 2014

Hooked on coke

Excluding fresh fruit, vegetables and meat, the top five grocery checkout items are coca-cola, with spots 1, 2, 4 and 5. Woolworths 3 litre milk takes out spot number 3.

The fastest growing grocery category in the last year: roll your own tobacco, with a 15.7 per cent increase. Potato chips are second, and ice cream third. Medicinal items come in at number four, at 5.4 per cent increase, marginally ahead of cigarettes, which increased by 5.5 per cent.

Number six is yogurt. Seven is confectionery. Then bread, coffee and soft drinks.

So, basically, the nation is eating a lot of chips and ice cream, smoking a lot, and cheering themselves up with a glass of coke or a cup of coffee.

(The findings exclude alcohol.)


  1. I buy Woolworths 3 litre milk but I never never never buy Coke or any other carbonated beverage including soda water

    That's because I have a Soda-Stream and make my own. I went out and bought one immediately as soon as I heard they were being BDSed. Great little machine. Wouldn't be without one. I thinking of giving a batch to people for Christmas

    Lert's see now

    John Lyons
    Lee Rhiannon
    Antony Loewenstein
    Melissa Whatsherface
    That a dickhead Green in the NSW LC who is party spokesman for gay and lesbian affairs and gives interviews to Press TV

  2. Anonymous10:53 PM

    I never buy coke as well Geoffff - as I don't drink the stuff - although I did sniff it a few times many many years ago - the bubbles went straight to my head. I decided it was not my thing as the bursting bubbles nullified the effects of the brown bubbly stuff one can procure from the pub - a zero sum game of sorts - and a waste of money.

    Also, I am rather impressed with your xmas generosity. My I suggest however that a carbonated cyanide soda stream would be more appropriate - it would probably do us both a favour - but for different reasons.

    In fact I would encourage you to be super generous this xmas and gift one to all of our parliament - you'd be doing our nation one very big favour - I'm sure Jesus would love you for such superlative kindness - much better than sourdough and sardines don't you reckon?

    Hope to catch up with you at the King David for a quick one on xmas day - but let's not exchange presents.

    Hope all is well with you and your family dear fremeny.