October 3, 2014

Should be a crime

Not appropriate to take a toddler to an evening fashion show, but hey, maybe they couldn't afford a baby sitter, or maybe little North clearly articulated her deep interest in attending this particular fashion event.

But that's not the only crime going on here:  world's worst example of baby as celebutard accessory.

When you dress your baby in sheer clothing, because mummy is wearing a see through ... something, is it a dress? ... there should be a law somewhere that slaps the parents with a long prison stay. 

All a bit sickening. 

Baby North barely dressed to match barely dressed Kim Kardashian 


  1. I am speechless!
    What's wrong with these morons?
    Poor little bub. :(

  2. Poor little girl is always dressed in matching-mum outfits when she goes out, which is perverse enough (and imagine the time, money and effort it takes to dress your baby as an accessory), but even for this couple, this is particularly appalling.