October 17, 2014

Mullets: Are They So Bad, They’re Good?

No, no they're not.

There is nothing good about the mullet.

On anyone.


Mullets: Are They So Bad, They’re Good?


  1. I kind of missed those decades having spent them 24/7/365 with hair permanently trimmed above shirt, collar, tie and ear, night and day, so you may have to help me here.

    Is there any relationship between the "mullet" and those guys you wore their hair in a pigtail? And if so, are they still around?

  2. You're on the right track, Geoffff.

    Think back in the day (google the old photos): Warrick Capper, Paul and Linda McCartney, when they had matching doos. And Billy Ray Cyrus, of course, circa Achey Brakey Heart.

    Alas, the the mullet on guys with a ponytail is still not uncommon, although the balding types seem to be quite fond of having a plait, these days, rather than go with the ponytail.