September 29, 2014

Stuff the public know

Scene: Islamic State instructs Muslims to kill Westerners; a known terrorist suspect and Muslim youth in Victoria meets two policemen while carrying two knives; attempts to kill them; one policeman kills youth.
Response: Tony Abbott says it's a ''nasty incident'', that some in the community are capable of ''very extreme acts'', but ''police will protect''; Denis Napthine says it's ''not about faith [or] ethnicity, it's about alleged behaviour of an individual''; Police Commissioner Ken Lay says ''diversity and multiculturalism is critical'' and warns of a need to ''exercise extreme caution''; Muslim leader Ghaith Krayem refuses to condemn youth, says underlying issues are social rather than religious.

Who do our leaders think they are fooling? Most of us are aware that some interpreters of the Muslim religion claim it justifies violent behaviour. We look to our leaders to acknowledge this openly and state we will not tolerate either the advocacy of violent behaviour or its actuality from whatever religion it may come.

Des Moore, South Yarra

From The Age, Letters, Sept 22 2014

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  1. Onya Des. We should have you cloned.