September 17, 2014

Clive Palmer goes missing

Proving that it's possible to be paid to represent an electorate and have a lower parliamentary voting record than Bob Brown:

Palmer votes 19 times out of possible 202

That would be a fail, then.


  1. I'm with Clive with this one. The people who voted for Clive knew that they were not going to get a politician who was going to sit in his office in Parliament waiting to jump to his party's call. Or even the Speaker's.

    That's not to suggest that I am admirer of Clive Palmer or his style. But populism is as authentic a political style as any if it attracts votes.

    Palmer intrigues me. Those who think he is just a wily and shady businessmen using politics to advance his commercial interests are quite wrong. Palmer is at heart very much a politician and always has been. He was intensely political before he was a businessman. He was very much a political (and religious, if there's a difference) crusader even when he didn't have $2 in his pocket and was bludging off his mates and Union College by sleeping on their floors circa 1973.

    Have said that, he reminds me most of Alan Bond.

    Risk takers.
    Sooner or later risk takers think they are above the laws of nature.
    It's a story as old as human kind.

  2. Yes, a bit of Bond in there, in character, but Palmer presents, publicly, as an idiot. It seems unbelievable that he has ever done a deal in his life, he's not someone most people would want to do business with, the risk and repugnance factor is too high. But clearly there are other sides to him (other than his girth). Far too much evidence that he treats people like dirt, though. Maybe that's how he's made his money. Not my idea of a good person to have in parliament representing ... well, people.

  3. Anonymous8:35 PM

    It would be impossible for CP to go missing - he's far too large.

    Would it be a fair to suggest that a politician who doesn't vote has little respect for democracy?


    1. Of course Clive Palmer has no respect for democracy.

  4. Yes, iJustin, like Dr Brown, CP has no respect for the office or for democracy.

    How have you and the good Mrs iJustin been? Well and happy, I hope.

    1. Dr Brown and the Greens.

      Also populists. They have no trouble at all dealing with Palmer. They understand each other. They would slice up the country between them if they had the chance as quickly as Sykes and Picot carved up the Middle East. .

    2. Anonymous9:57 AM

      All good in the iJustin world thanks Caz, hope likewise for you.

  5. Been a tough year, iJustin, glad to hear that all is well in your part of the world.

    (I did do some research recently, for a trip to Tassie ... one of these years ... who knows, if ever.)