September 6, 2014

Aussie butter knife designers solve a problem that doesn't exist

A group of Aussies who invented a butter knife that grates butter to make it instantly spreadable have won 10 times the amount of money they sought on crowd-funding website Kickstarter. 
They've raised nearly $400K, in fact, for a butter knife that no one needs, so the funds raised are an amazing achievement.

A knife that grates butter to make it instantly spreadable?

That's why spreadable butter was put on the shelves of every supermarket decades ago, and by golly, it works too, without grating. 

New butter knife 


  1. I need one of those

    Do you know where I can get one?

  2. You can't. They need that $400K to keep 'developing' the idea.

    It looks pretty sorted to me.

  3. They'll make a fortune if they can make a patent stick.

    As a child I worked in a motel kitchen every morning before school helping to prepare and deliver the guests breakfasts. (In the afternoon I worked down the family opal mine setting the charges for the next day)

    One of my jobs was to curl the butter. You will have noticed that there are only two ways to serve butter in any establishment of any pretensions at all of civility and one of them is curled. The curling of the butter is compulsory.

    Hence butter curling has an eating out or an on holiday ambience.
    It is not a home thing. You will never encounter curled butter in the home even at a dinner party where its presence would likely be regarded as complete wankery.

    The genius of this invention is to bring the eating out butter curling experience into the home. Everyone can make there own butter curl at the table to their exact liking and leave it on the bread plate or spread immediately as they prefer. This both empowers and frees the butter eater.


    how the money will roll in

  4. Nooooooooooo.

    Just give everyone there own butter curling device, it that's what they want - they already exist!

    Curls of butter for all, if that's what they want.