April 21, 2014

No bias ABC

Watching the ABC for a few minutes, a report about a Sydney based anti-Islamic group (the ADL). 

The provocative leafleting and internet posts by some members of the group engendered counter threats from local Muslims, including exhorting the members of the ADL to embrace Islam, otherwise they were done for.

Multiple gun shots were fired into the lounge room of one ADL member - and yes, he was in the room, and had been looking out the window, so had to take a dive to the floor to miss being shot.  Evidence of the shots were evident in the blinds and walls.

The ABC wrapped up the story with the triumphant outcome being that that ADL member has been charged by police over trespass and various other offences relating to his anti-Islamic activities.

The ABC said nothing further about the shooting, not even whether the police were bothering to investigate.

No, the only crimes committed, if you believe this report, were by ADL members, at least one of whom will be duly punished according to the laws of our land.  Death threats and running around with guns is ok, especially if provoked by some dickhead with leaflets. 

The report ended with footage of a local mullah urging a mosque full of young Muslim men not to resort to violence; not because it was wrong to shoot people, but because it would draw sympathy to those who were their targets.  Thus the story ended with the upbeat message that Islam is a peaceful belief system, not at all inclined to killing non-believers.

Yep. that's the modern version of neutral reporting at our ABC.


  1. The cops even suggested that the shooting was "understandable".

    "There is no place for prejudice in NSW" said one cop, or something similar, and the ABC lapped it up.

    NSW has a real serious problem with its cops. But then again it always has. Since the Rum Corps.

    Perhaps it is time to get a gun. Nothing elaborate. An Uzi should do.

    1. Understandable? They actually said that, OUT LOUD?

      Holy shite. I must have missed that, in my daze of nausea.

  2. The ABC, it seems, is picking up where the Sydney Morning Herald left off a couple of days ago. The word 'extremist' appears in the headline - but guess who is the extremist? (Hint: not the one who's doing the shooting....)

    1. I suppose it's good to see that the ABC aren't a shag on a rock supporting first world white people being shot at. If they're part of a crowd, then it can be claimed as balanced reporting.

      I'm a big fan of the ABC. BIG. Don't want them to be sold off, don't want their budget to be cut (pitiful low hanging fruit). But I find I can't watch their news coverage these days, let alone their current affairs shows. The loaded language and blatant bias is scary stuff, very Orwellian. I don't understand what they think they're achieving.

  3. No matter what is said there are "do" and "do nothing" zones. A wrinkle on go and no go so to speak. Council parking inspectors outside of the (only) local Catholic primary school patrolling those using five minute drop off/pick zones and parking in "no standing" zones. No such patrolling of Muslim schools - some of which have their own 'security' people - where the roads are regularly cut off by the double-parking brigade. Do/do nothing.

    1. Perhaps the parking inspector's strategy is to encourage more parents to enroll their children in the Muslim school?