March 23, 2014

The irrationally angry: when grown ups act like spoilt children

You really have to take your hat off to the government. It took John Howard a lot longer to wind up the lefties. Remember the fuss about a “Ditch the Witch” sign at an anti-carbon tax protest when Julia Gillard was prime minister? Not a peep from the Destroy the Jointers now.

No alarm about the widespread violence theme either. In Canberra a man with a white-painted face and black hoodie carried a backpack with a fake Molotov cocktail poking out.

And in Sydney a young tattooed woman wearing what looked like a blonde wig carried a sign saying “#KillABBOTT” and the words “Campaign?” and “Pozible”, which is a fundraising website for random causes. Presumably she was drumming up support for a crowd-sourced assassination of the Prime Minister, an incitement to violence worth police investigation.

In Newcastle, union leader Gary Kennedy took to the stage with a Scottish accent to tell protesters Gina Rinehart was a “filthy animal” and “”despicable human being”.

Then the Newcastle Trades Hall secretary went well beyond the realms of acceptable protest. Qantas boss Alan Joyce, he said, “should be shot somewhere in the back of the head.” He apologised yesterday, but it’s too late. An already discredited union movement has flicked the switch to “crazy”.

This is the sort of scene that Greens MP Adam Bandt, who met protesters outside Parliament House, described as “the compassionate, humane and generous heart of this country”.
Angry lefties mad as March marcher


  1. Yes, Caz, it's a bloody disgrace.. Of course Kill Abbott (or KILL anyone for that matter) is worse than ditch the witch. Just a bunch of rabble lacking in integrity and credibility

    "The organisers of yesterday's anti-Tony Abbott protests have refused to apologise for crude signs at the mass gatherings, declaring "Kill Abbott" is less offensive than the infamous "Ditch the witch" sign that caused outrage during Julia Gillard's prime ministership."

    Unbelievable hypocrisy!

  2. It's becoming grotesque when the compassionate left/greens declare that murder is a lesser act than name calling, and justified because they didn't vote for the person who won.

    What will they want next, a totalitarian state?