March 15, 2014

How does a plane vanish?

So far, there no good theories on where the Malaysian plane, and all in it, has gone.

The firming theory that it flew for many hours, at different altitudes, with numerous turns, and that it was a pilot suicide makes no sense.

It would have needed to be collective pilot suicide, a pact.  Or one pilot would have needed to render his team members senseless, so as to fly on their own, which would have been noticed by other flight staff, surely?

And no one on the plane had a mobile phone?  Really

It doesn't make sense that not a single person knew what was going on, not even the flight attendants - if the flight did go for hours, and did take a radically different path - and no one picked up a mobile phone to make a call or send a single message.

I'm not convinced that every person on board could have been oblivious to a hijacking or suicide flight, and thus remained calmly and unknowing in their seats and with their hands off their phones.  Or that all the while, flight attendants carried out their duties with not an inkling that anything was wrong in the cockpit.

We're all deeply familiar with the calls and messages made from flights on 9/11.

The scenario now being proposed for the Malaysian plane isn't plausible.  

Jet piracy theory gains more credence


  1. It's possible, if the plane was hijacked, that passengers were threatened and forced to hand over mobiles.. A skilled pilot could have had the plane do a nosedive, to frighten passengers and cause confusion. Like this, for example.

    "My worst flight was on a trip from Dublin to London. Out of nowhere, the plane took a nose dive ... for about eight seconds! I know it doesn't seem like that long, but seriously, count for eight seconds. That's a long nose dive! Passengers started screaming, luggage went flying out of the overhead bins and the lights went out. So scary! I really thought the plane was going to crash. Everything ended up being okay, at least I think so. The pilot never even announced what happened." -- Evalla

  2. Keeping everyone frightened and passive for many hours is actually hard work, especially if you're also flying a plane ... to where? And if the intention was simply to die, nothing the passengers did was ever going to make a difference, no one was going to be avle to save the plane.

  3. Some years ago and as I recall it a small passenger jet plane carrying FIFO workers in WA de-pressurised when a faulty window or something blew out. The pilots and passengers lost consciousness. Apparently a painless process. Just fell asleep and asphyxiated.

    The plane was on auto-pilot and kept on flying for a full five hours. It flew across the whole country before it crashed.

    There have been reports that 777's had a pressure problem and that certain repairs were mandated. Malaysian Airlines have not confirmed that the necessary work was done on this plane.

  4. Sure, and a famous golfer(?) died on his private jet, after becoming unconscious. The plane flew for hours across the US before crashing into a field. It did NOT go up, down and round about. Planes don't make turns of their own accord, although will go down of their own accord, but that's pretty much the only direction. They also don't lose comms, it's just that no one answers.

  5. Looks nice here, new wallpaper.

    About the plane, hijackers/terrorists could kill the people by taking them up in altitude - but perhaps that would have been seen on radar or sent a signal so it would have been known.

    Payne Stewart was the golfer killed in his plane by asphyxiation.

  6. Oh dear. That was garbled.

    Depressurising the plane and staying there for a period of time.

  7. That's a plausible idea, to me, Kae, but what would I know!

    But I still don't think a hijacking, as no demands, no one has claimed responsibility, and knowledge of planes far too sophisticated. Not your typical hijacking event. Although by all accounts both pilots have no background to suggest anything wrong or troubling.

    Might be years, if ever, before they find the plane. Took two years last time a plane vanished without a trace.

  8. Anonymous6:45 PM

    Either a fuck up or a conspiracy - or maybe a fucked up conspiracy.

    Have they had a peek on the dark side of the moon yet?