March 4, 2014

Hounding Corby

When 30 representatives of the AFP raided Channel 7's offices, in search of evidence that Schapelle Corby - or any member of her family? - had been paid for for talking to their reporters, I instantly stopped caring what Schapelle, or any of her feral family, did or didn't do a decade ago. (In truth, I only ever cared about the lies - see previous post and the Corby Conspiracies.)

It was a despicable act and a waste of AFP resources. They must, surely, have more important things to do.

Within a day of Corby being released on parole, Bali authorities were already waving a stick, threatening to withdraw her freedom for any random reason - including making Corby responsible for hysterical media-led community unrest.

Now, with Corby not giving interviews, because she was ordered not to, it seems that her sister isn't permitted to speak either, and that her brief appearance on television is potentially reason enough for Corby to be returned to a Bali prison. 

Even if she isn't - this time - the threat, the hounding, is shocking and unforgivable. 

No other person is subjected to this crap, even in Bali.  How is Corby supposed to live in a normal house, lead a normal life, maybe earn a living, and thus comply with the conditions of her parole, when Australian and Bali authorities threaten her very existence? 

Because that's what they're doing. 

Hat tip to the Australian and Indonesian mass media outlets:  nice work people.  You created this. Sometimes, you should collectively and individually keep your fucking hand off it. 


  1. Yep! Well said, Caz.


  2. Corby is 'still traumatized' by her decade in prison, so says her brother in law to the waiting media. No shit Sherlock!

    Makes me sick to think what's happening to this woman now. Imagine being given your freedom, sort of, and finding yourself tortured by everyone, no place to turn to find some peace after her experiences in prison.

    Some years back, Indonesian authorities supposedly gave consideration to letting her out on compassionate grounds, which didn't happen, of course. Have to wonder where the hell their compassion has gone right now. If they think Corby getting fare too much media coverage (and that's what it comes down to), and is therefore causing community unrest, just wait until they drive her back to prison, or death - they ain't seen nothing yet.

    The whole pack of hounds need to back off quickly, Kath, including the Indonesian authorities - most especially them. Does it make them feel important to toy with someone's life, in full knowledge that this woman is mentally ill?

    It's sickening.